Marcello Margott: Australia Super 7 Series Round 1

Posted on March 25th, 2015

Australia Super Sevens Round 1

by: Marcello Margott

Another trip down under is in the books and I would say it was a fairly successful weekend. The trip started with another one of those long 15 hour flights that had me arriving into Sydney at 8am Friday morning. I quickly breezed through customs, met up with my team and was on my way to the field. I was excited to catch up with all of my Australian buddies this weekend and see how the teams have progressed since the last event at Masters.

I would be playing with Sydney Explicit this time, only there were barely any familiar faces. We pretty much had an entire rebuild keeping only two players from last year so I was interested to see how everyone was going to Gel. Justin Cornell from team Impact was playing with SWAT and Justin Schwarz and Josh Myers from HK Army played with the Reapers. Not to mention team NVS who plays very solid as a together and won last years series with no imports. I knew it would be a tough event and likely we would be facing one of these 3 teams in the finals.

Saturday was the first day of games where we had 5 prelim matches. We were playing alright but you could tell there wasn’t much confidence in each other. The team wasn’t playing as a unit and the points we were winning was based on individual talent rather than teamwork. You will never win a tournament this way. After dropping only 1 game to SWAT given the fact that I thought we were playing at about 50% of our potential I wasn’t too worried.

Saturday night we got treated excellent by Mr. Whybrew and the Whybrew ladies! They invited us back for a nice home cooked meal and treated us to delicious steaks, kangaroo meatballs, thai salads, and all sorts of good stuff. This has to be another reason I love staying at Mikes, the hospitality is always great and its fun to catch up with him at his indoor home built gentleman’s bar! We always have incredibly intriguing conversation which is a great way to unwind from a full day of paintball. I think its becoming tradition to stay there and have a few whiskeys over life conversation!

Sunday morning came quick as the games over there start pretty early. The one downside to staying with Mike is he runs the league which means we must arrive at the field before everyone else. Ugh! Either way I was feeling good and ready to play.

We rolled through our last 3 prelim games beating team NVS very convincingly. Today there was a different vibe in the air with Explicit. You could tell the trust was starting to form and we were winning games based off pure teamwork. We were communicating well and making all the right moves at the right times. The team was finally clicking. Going 7-1 during the prelims put us into the semi finals with 2nd seed which lines us up against the other DYE team NVS, again.

This match did not go like our first one. One thing I have to give credit to these guys is their ability to chance their gamelans on the fly to match what you are doing. They do a great job of scouting games and have the experience to make the right call and switch things up so it was a back and forth mental battle the whole time. We ended up losing a close match which knocked us out of the event and lead us to ultimately placing in 3rd. As upset as I was, I was glad to see the guys on my team start clicking and playing well against the number 1 team in the Sevens league. Theres no doubt that we can’t win the series this year if the team continues to improve at the rate I saw in just two days. NVS went on to lose to SWAT in the finals, Justin Cornell had an amazing event and his team played very solid all weekend. Congrats to them, but the next one is ours.

Ah, Sunday night! Finally we would get a night to relax and possibly do some sight seeing. I went with the HK guys to Bondi beach where we rented a hostel that actually was a lot nicer than expected. After we checked in, starvation was kicking in so we went on the hunt for some good food. Walking along Bondi is like something out of a fairy tale at night. It was absolutely beautiful and the streets were lined up with restaurants and bars and we also had Benny Dawson from SWAT to come be our tour guide. We were set for the night! Though we had high ambitions, we ended up calling it a night shortly after dinner. I guess we are just getting old haha because after we ate and had a few beers my eye lids felt like they were holding five pound dumbbells so we decided to call it a night.

The next morning was probably my favorite. I woke up around 5:30am and decided to go search for a killer spot to watch the sunrise by myself. I walked down to Coogee beach which neighbors Bondi, and found a nice bench overlooking a hidden beach that was absolutely stunning. I sat there for a solid hour and a half processing the entire weekend and when it was finally time to head back to the hostel I felt like a million bucks. It was pretty meditative just listening to the water crash against the rocks while watching mother earth slowly awaken.

I walked back to the hostel and woke up LJ and Josh so we could go deeper into Coogee beach and find a nice breakfast spot before we had to leave for the airport. Sure enough, I got them up and we dove right in to the heart of Coogee. It didn’t take long to find the perfect restaurant right on the water with outdoor tables and the Australian beach vibe we were looking for. After realizing that I wasn’t dreaming, and that we were in fact having breakfast on the water in Australia at one of their most famous beaches, I came back to reality as our time was coming to an end. It was time to head to the airport and catch our flights back to the real world.

Australia continues to impress me more and more each time I go. The talent is growing at a pretty fast rate, teams are getting better, the league is growing and making the correct moves to be as legitimate as possible, the players are improving and you can tell that what we are doing has been helping influence the paintball community to grow together. That alone is a win in my book! I can’t wait to come back for Round two in May and see where everyones at!

Team DRX Season Update 2015

Posted on March 25th, 2015

by: Team DRX

Team DRX (Malaysia) brings greetings from the land of exotic cuisine 24/7 and a great season of paintball.

Our team just recently finish top in the first tournament (Krikevill CAP 3 2015).  2014 has been a tough and turmoil year for the paintball industry in Malaysia. Tournaments were rare due to the restrictions set by the local authorities on the issue of licensing of markers as firearms in Malaysia!

Behind every cloud there is a silver lining. We realized tournaments are not just about winning or points, they are about the community coming together over the weekend despite the scorching heat to have good clean fun and for old friends to catch up over a sport we so clearly love.

We thank those that stick by us in these turbulent times, a special thanks to Dye Asia for the continue support.  It is indeed a great feeling to be shooting those awesome DMs that are ever so reliable and yet so easy to maintain.

All photos credits belong to King Ang Images and Wan Mad Photography.

Urban Warfare: Two Days Of Epic CQB Action

Posted on March 25th, 2015

by: Master Chief / DYE Asia

Urban warfare was the first big scenario event for 2015, and it did not disappoint.

Garin and the team from Ultimate Paintball Events have been working hard on securing unique venues in NZ, with Splash planet under his belt, he has now added Kimberly hospital in Levin.

Once again players from all over NZ made their way for this Epic event, Auckland, Taranaki, Timaru, Wellington and Christchurch players from far and wide and all different levels of experience got in for the 2 days of epic CQB action.

Where is Kimberly?

Kimberly is in Levin about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Wellington. It’s an old hospital that hasn’t been used for some time (used to be the largest in the southern hemisphere with 1800 residents).

What Were the Facilities Like?

I’ve been to a fair amount of big games, and we’ve had to do a lot of camping outside.  Going a whole weekend without a shower isn’t very appealing, but not the case here!

A big main building housed us while we we geared up. We could even sleep in it if needed, complete with hot showers and flushing toilets. If you been to a big event you know portaloos aren’t fun on day 2.  The venue had everything, even cooking facilities, you couldn’t ask for more.  It was mint.

What Makes This Event Stand Out?

Having the opportunity to play on 10 acres of abandoned buildings is an opportunity not to be missed. Running through room after room with the possibility of hostiles at any turn constantly keeps you on edge. It was great for many ballers, paintball fields like this in NZ are very rare.  This is a very unique experience.

How Was the Gameplay?

We were split into four teams: red, white, blue and yellow. We were given various objectives on day one. We had to find objects on the field and hold onto them for 45 minutes to get the points.  You could also secure your team flag for bonus points.  This game type made it tough and kept you on edge. If you found a ton of loot, you had to hide it from the other teams because if you got shot, you had to drop you loot and then the other team could steal it!

Another unique part of this game was that there was a 300 round limit per game.  This meant that players could have great fights, run any style of marker and not feel out gunned. There were a lot of people running mag-fed markers which was great to see as it was a great field for it.

Day two was very different from day one as it was attack & defend style. One team would have to hold a building while another attacks it from all angles.

The night game was mental too.

Were There any Surprises?

Garin’s tank!!!

Man those guys stalked everyone and anyone, it just added another element to the game.

You could be on a roll, then out of nowhere “BANG” the tank gunner would pop up and wipe out players left and right… I hate that van.

Would You Go Back Again?


It was a great event overall, simple game play that was just plain fun. It was great catching up with all the players again, it’s always the highlight for us to meet and catch up at events.  I’m sure next time we will see a lot more players come along because it has been the highlight for us. You won’t want to miss out on the next one!

Have to say a big thank you to Garin and the team once again you done an awesome job.

Also I would like to thank Dye Asia for the great prizes, there were a lot of happy players guys, were very grateful for the continued support.

Dye Asia has been a huge supporter of Paintball in New Zealand and was the first company to jump in and support this growing sport we all love.

Lastly a BIG thank you to Devon for making it happen!!!


-Master Chief

Super 7s – MASTERS

Posted on January 6th, 2015

21 – 23 November saw Action Paintball Games Sydney hold the final round of the Super 7s Series aka Masters. I’ve said it before: If you’re going to win any event of the Series this is the one you want to win.

A handful of international guests were brought over for this final round. Sydney SWAT had Justin Cornell from Edmonton Impact; Uprising, a Canberra based team, brought over Justin Schwarz; and Sydney Explicit hosted Marcello Margott from LA Ironmen as well as Devon Stutz.

Going into this event we knew that if we wanted to win the Round and the Championship we couldn’t afford any mistakes as only 4 points separated STK, Sydney SWAT and us. On Saturday our first game of the prelims was against Sydney SWAT. This was good as both teams were fresh and hadn’t had time to feel out the field layout. Both teams came out swinging and SWAT took a 2 point lead. Quickly regrouping we were able to fight our way back to a 3-3 draw. Not the start we wanted but it wasn’t a loss. Our next match was against STK. Also another tuff match for us as both teams did not want to take a loss into the next round. After some intense gun fighting and close points we were able to take the win 3-2. Our next 2 matches were against Shenanigans and Eastside Raw. We finished these matches off strong taking 4-1 and 4-0 victories, respectively. Our final match for the day was against Sydney Explicit. Explicit had Marcello and Devon playing for them and they hadn’t suffered a loss all day. This was to be the hardest match of the day as whoever won this would end up 1st at the end of Saturday’s play. The game itself was tough with both teams digging in early as no one wanted to give the opposition the upper hand. After a few close calls we secured a 3-2 win. This put us in a great position going into day 2.

We were feeling pretty confident going into Sunday’s matches. We were up against NZ Clown Monkeys, Uprising and Relentless. We were able to take 4-0 wins against Clown Monkeys and Relentless. Uprising, on the other hand, gave us a good run for our money. It was a close match but we were still able to get ahead with a 3-2 victory. This ended the prelims and we were sitting in 1st place. Sydney SWAT were in 2nd, Sydney Explicit in 3rd and STK were in 4th positions going into the finals.

As the final for 3rd and 4th between Sydney Explicit and STK was played before our final we didn’t get to watch any of that game. Instead, we were going over game plans and finalising everything for our match against Sydney SWAT. However, we did hear of the outcome with Sydney Explicit taking 3rd place and STK 4th place.

The Final
Knowing the result of the 3rd/4th playoffs, the Final was set to be huge! This now meant whoever won the Final would not only win Masters but also the Series. The Final started at full speed with both teams not holding anything back. We were able to draw first blood by knocking out their dorito side giving us the 1st point. The 2nd point was similar with us getting early kills and taking a 2-0 lead. The 3rd point started off strong for SWAT taking a few early kills but we were able to claw our way and back and force the point into a 1v1 between David “Blacky” Black from SWAT and our Macca. After a few exchanges Blacky made a play for the buzzer but Macca was able to pick him off just before he could reach it. We were now up 3 nil going into the 4th point. The team’s spirit was at its highest going into this point as we were so close to victory. We took the final point and it was over rather quickly. We took a couple of kills off the break and then ran down the remainder of the SWAT players. The moment Karl Simpson hit the buzzer for the final time our pits went crazy as not only had we won Masters but also the title as Super 7s Series Champions for 2014.

It’s been a great first year for Team nVs. We were made to fight for our place and show we are a team to be reckoned with. We would like to thank all of our fans, friends and families who have supported us throughout the year. Thanks also goes to Michael Whybrew, the staff at Action Paintball and everyone who competed at the 2014 Super 7s Series. A big heartfelt thank you to Gloria Simpson for not only organising our pits but also organising us. Without her we would find things a lot harder. Final thanks goes to our sponsors Paintball Addiction, Dye Precision and Devon Stutz for supplying us with the best clothing and equipment to help us get the job done.

-Nathan McDonnell

Team nVs




STK Super7 Australia

Posted on December 23rd, 2014

A few weeks ago STK went to Sydney to compete in Australia’s biggest and best tournament and final round of the Super 7′s series, the Masters. The event itself was spectacular as all the rounds have been for the Super 7′s this year. STK would like to thank Mike, John, Pete, and all the crew at Action for the year we had at the Super 7′s through their hard work and vision for Paintball in Australia. The last time we played the Super 7′s was in 2009 and coming back opened our eyes to how good we have it in our own backyard! I’d urge all Aussie teams who don’t play it already to have a go at the Super 7′s. Maybe some of our international PALS friends should come over for a visit as well — great infrastructure, support and a huge prize pool at every round.

If I had to some up our performance at the Masters, I’d have to say all fizz and no pop. We played World Cup Asia the week before and finished with 2nd place. It was awesome and reaching that championship game again is a real pinnacle and accomplishment to us. I think this set us up to come to the Masters perhaps a little blasé… we played the State of Origin on the Friday after no sleep and in 45 degree heat. We won it with our friends from Rogue Assassins and our pit crew who stuck it out with us in the crazy heat. The main event, the Masters itself was on the Saturday and Sunday. First mistake, we didn’t walk the field. We just played all day in 45 degrees and we were getting the hell out of there and into some aircon! We had a quick team meeting, it was woeful, it literally consisted of “yeah just shoot your guns and get down the snake” and then we crashed out for 14 hours.
A bit of the fire was definitely missing, but we wanted to try and wrap up the series as we’d had a pretty decent year in the series with a 1st and two 2nds. All we needed to do was not come 4th.
We weren’t playing too badly on Saturday morning, even with the lack of preparation. We played nVs. It was a pretty close game. The score was tied at 2-2 with about 1 minute on the clock. I was stuck in a small cake — I could survive in there but I couldn’t do anything useful. In my mind I remember thinking I didn’t want to chance ending the game with a tie and losing out on the super tight prelims point race. I wanted to try and win the point. In retrospect, I should have just sat in my bunker, shot my gun and accepted the tie but instead I tried bumping out to make something happen. Got shot in the process and nVs was able to clear up the rest of us and press the buzzer with only seconds left.
We were still in reasonable spirits; we won the remainder of our games until we came up against Explicit. Explicit had guest players Marcello Margott and our boy Devon Stutz. Playing against Marcello was a great experience. Marcello and Devon destroyed us on the break. I would get into my bunker and think “how is there so much paint coming my way?” and then look over to see two of our guys heading to the deadbox. Explicit beat us giving us our second prelim loss.
Finally we came to play against SWAT, who had Justin Cornell guesting with them. Like he’d done all tournament, he tore down the snake and was a real problem for us. I can’t remember the final score but SWAT beat us too, leaving us stuck in the play-off for 3rd and 4th.
At this point, I’m ashamed to admit it but we were just going through the motions. We’d played the whole tournament and didn’t have a better grasp on the field than we did in the first game that weekend. As Stevie said, the season finished for us last week at World Cup. It was disappointing to end what was otherwise a great season on a bit of a low note. Needless to say, Explicit crushed us in the 3rd/4th playoff and we finished off with 4th.
Our friends on nVs won the Masters and Super 7′s series for 2014. Congratulations. Stevie took out top honour too for Player of the Year 2014, which he highly deserves.
It was great to see our non-player mates Jane and Gloria again. As well as Scary Mary.

Despite the disappointing finish, the comedy level at Masters was super-high on our team, so it was still a good trip. Thanks to everyone on STK for your commitment and friendship this year, again. Our roster has stayed pretty much the same for quite a number of years and our bond is tight. And again, the biggest thanks to our “paintball mum and dad” Brad and Christine for another year with us. They complete our family and we love them! And of course thanks to our sponsor, Dye. Can safely report that Dye guns perform excellently in 45 degree weather when our bodies are on the verge of death. And WASP Paintball in Perth.
Thank you.
Dan Woods
STK Captain

Photo Credit:
Action Paintball Games, Action Liz
Morgan Lane Photography
Scary Mary Paintball and other Sports Photography