UK North vs. South, The Re-Match!

This Sunday, December 2,  D7 North and the Dirty South will meet at Pro-Aktiv Park for a re-match.  The North will do their best to claw back points they lost so gracefully to the DYE sponsored Dirty South last year, fighting for the chance to be called this years WINNER!

So are they up to it? Will the hard and fast pace of Xball be too much for the Northerners again?  Or will the last twelve months of training (and hurt pride) have paid off for them? Will it be enough to stop them loosing face a second time?

There is only one way to find out….

D7 North is hosting the event in style with spectator seating and refreshments available all day, you will feel right at home. Come support your team and watch some of the greatest players fight for the right to call themselves “The Best of the British”.

On top of all of this, you will be doing your good deed for the year as this is all for charity (and you thought it was just a pride thing).  All of the money from this event will be going to a charity chosen by the Northern Army, the Francis House Children’s Hospice (  A worthy cause, I am sure you will agree.  There will be a fund raising raffle with prizes donated by various companies, so even if you are not playing in the game, you could come away a winner.

For directions and more details visit

<>Let the Battle Commence!

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