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Nexus and Benfica Take First Place in Toulouse World Cup

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Both our Euro teams, Nexus in the CPL and Benfica in the SPL took first this weekend in Toulouse France. Benfica with Mikko and Marcello SPL champs. Finally! Way to go!

Majestic 1st Place at CFOA Peach State Open

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

Team Majestic Division 5 in the CFOA Took 1st place at the CFOA PEACH STATE OPEN. This is their second 1st place finish in 2008. Dirty South Open and the Peach State Challenge which is from the picture.

“We are 1st place overall with a commanding lead” said Team captain Patrick Whitley. At the Peach State Challenge, located in Winder, GA, they won nine games and lost one. Majestic went into the semis in 5th and advanced into the finals as the 1st place team. The team went on to win their final three games! “The Dye Equipment was superb from the DM8′s all the way to the pads and pants. Without Dye products 1st wouldn’t have happened.” said Team captain Patrick Whitley.

Dye and Proto would like to Congratulate the Team and Paintball Supplies Georgia for bringing home the gold!

Professional Paintball Team Tampa Bay Damage wins Chicago NXL event!

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008

The first year pro NXL team played solid paintball all week long, looking like the team to beat at this year’s Chicago Open. Shooting their custom TBD DM8′s and wearing DYE protective and playing gear head to toe, Tampa Bay earns their first victory in the pro league in style! Based out of PSI Xtreme Sports in Tampa, Florida these guys are moving up on the 2008 rankings.

Congrats to Tampa Bay Damage!

Photos Provided By: Tampa Sports Photography

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