South and Central America Season Begins

The season start has been good for South American DYE Teams.
Starting with Team Way Out and Team Way Out Junior who won the first event for the Colombian Paintball Circuit in Bogota.

Team Way Out

Team Way Out

Going next to Brasil for the CBP first event, we had our 2 DYE Teams, Ninjinhas and Comando Paintball taking the trophy.
Next we had our new DYE Team Inka Killers from Peru finishing in 3rd place on the LAPPL Peru.
Few days after that we had Oliver Lang and Rocky Cagnoni going to Guatemala to play and support the Copa Tikal, where we had DYE Team Rangers finishing in second place.
And last weekend we had the CSP first event in Chile with our DYE Team Jungle Boyz (Brasil) finishing in first place with DYE Team Way Out (Colombia) finishing in second place.
Thanks to all our DYE Teams and players in South and Central America. We will see you guys at the next event!

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  1. Diablero Says:

    April 2nd, 2009 at 6:07 am

    Duro Wayout
    Congrats to the other teams and thanks again for the support

    Juan Carlos Henao

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