Big Game Fever hits the UK with the North vs South

It was that time of year again in the UK, when every self respecting scenario ‘baller, along with big game veterans and newbies alike come together for the North Vs South Big game, run by Warped Paintball.
Over 1400 people participated in the 3 day paintball festival, organised on an active Army training base still covered with bunkers, buildings and trenches that were all available for the game.
DYE Europe were really pleased to be in attendance, providing full technical support and displaying a range of our our latest and greatest products including the slick and extremely limited edition London Nexus DM9 and the fully Camo shelled Rotor Loader.
Friday and Saturday consisted of a huge trade show and exhibition filled with competitions and fun activities for everyone. The atmosphere was fantastic! The friendliness of the scenario community was overwhelming, especially as this was the first Big Game that DYE Europe had attended in the UK . Sunday’s game was epic. Never have I felt the need to explain a day of paintball with so many words! Mental, manic, frenzied, sneaky, strategically challenging, fast paced, hectic and straight up fun come to mind when describing the game play.
It was a long fought day with the South just coming out on top on body count after both sides had achieved all of their objectives!
Thanks to everybody who came and said hi and made us feel welcome over the course of the weekend, especially the whole Warped crew who put on an incredibly organised and well thought out event. We’ll definitely be back next year!

Tommy Gun
London Nexus

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