Billy Wing Ironmen Pro School Taiwan


Sunday August 30th

Hosted at: Quidditch Paintball

Chungwa, Taiwan

For field info go to

For information and booking e-mail:

Or call: 0910-058-997

Entry Fee: 2500nt

School hours 10:00 to 16:00

All attendants should arrive 1 hour to 45 min prior to the beginning of class in order to have ample time to gear up and get signed in.

All attendants should make note of the following:

  • Bring plenty of water, or sports drinks
  • It is recommended to bring notepad and pen for note taking during verbal instruction.
  • Have all necessary equipment ready to go
  • Paint will be available for sale
  • Be ready to play paintball and have some fun
Class Out Line-

Subject covered may change slightly depending on number of attendance, and weather

Individual Skill Instruction and Training – Designed to help you develop and sharpen your technical skills. These are the same drills used by the LA IRONMEN.  We will cover the most effective drills for improving your skills including: accuracy, snap shooting, running and gunning, shooting off the break, gun fighting, and weak hand shooting.

Teamwork Theory ApplicationWe will cover a series of real-time, team-building drills.   The students are guided through drills designed to teach the importance of teamwork, game strategy, and field position.

Teamwork Instruction and TrainingClassroom discussion covering, walking fields, teamwork, game plan strategies, communication, codes, gaining and maintaining dominate field position, and game time decision-making.

Open Play -This is a chance for everyone to play some pick up games and have some fun.  This is also the students’ first opportunity to apply all their new knowledge on the field. Students will also be observed and given additional feedback.

End of the Day- we will end the day with an open question and answer period, and giveaways.
DYE Factory Support- DYE representatives will be on hand with a selection of Demo equipment for attendants to test through out the day.  Demo equipment will be available for sale at the end of the day.

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