Columbia CSP – Scott Kemp and Brandon Short report

Last week the CSP held their first event in Bogota, Colombia. it was a great weekend with good weather and great games. Brandon Short and Scott Kemp of the LA Ironmen were in attendance and held a pro-school the day before the event.  In the end it was a great tournament for DYE with 6 of the top 8 teams wearing and shooting DYE.

Just got back from the CSP in Columbia with Brandon Short. We played with Evolution from Ecuador. They are all a bunch of great kids and players. We arrived Thursday night pretty late and had a clinic to do Friday morning. We had 13 player sign up for our clinic and I think it went pretty well thanks to Juan Carlos who let us use his field and set us up. The tournament started Saturday and went all day long. The format was X-Ball race to 4 and the layout was the field we played in Phoenix PSP. The league has 2 divisions, semi pro and open.

The first thing I noticed was that every team and player was in Dye gear head to toe. It was nice to see that transformation because the last time I was in South America it was all pretty much some other brands. Good to see South America is coming to their senses. We went undefeated Saturday and our kids Evolution went 3-1 and put them in the next round. Sunday came around and we were still undefeated. Now it was finals time and both Evolution teams were in the finals. Unfortunately we both took 2nd place. We were beat by a great team called Wild Dogs from Colombia. The final score was 3-2. Overall it was a really good trip and everyone down there was awesome to us! I cant wait to go back! Thank you to Juan Daniel and all the Evolution guys. And thank you to Juan Carols for all the help.
-Scott Kemp

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in the event.

Final results

1st. Wild Dogz
2nd. Evolution (Dye)
3rd. Way Out (Dye)
4th. Tsunami (Dye)

1st. Pieles Rojas
2nd. Evolution Jr. (Dye)
3rd. Low Profile Jr. (Dye)
4th. Bersekers (Dye)

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