South Africa Weekend #2

After the fantastic first weekend in JoBurg and winning the GPPL tournament with Team Reaper, me(Mikko), Rocky and Jeremy headed down to Cape Town to hang out with local paintball players and P.B.A guys. Brett from P.B.A took us around and we had a great time exploring whats going on in this beautiful city. From Cape Town we headed out to Port Elizabeth. We were scheduled to do clinic at Paintball Heaven and Rocky was going to give one of his world known tech classes! The clinic was so much fun for me! There was some really talented paintball kids, who were eager to learn all the little tricks I could teach them.

We had a great time, Lizzie from Paintball Heaven once again took great care of us. We also had just enough time from paintball to to go check out Jeffrey Bay and the Super Tubes. From Port Elizabeth we headed back to JoBurg to Paintball City where we did one more tech class and went out with the guys afterwards. Now I’m sitting at a lounge in JoBurg International Airport and I’m sad to leave this country after all the great times! But we will be back:)

Check out some photos…

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