All New 2010 DM Aloha w/PGA anodizing

All New 2010 DM Aloha w/PGA anodizing

The new 2010 DM Series continues the tradition of being one of the lightest, smallest, fastest and certainly the most accurate of paintball markers in the world. Our one-piece Fuse™ bolt system operates at 145psi with a shorter flow path, resulting in a shorter overall length. The low operating pressure provides smooth operating performance with minimal shot bounce and noise. The 2010 DM Series features a low-maintenance internal patent-pending Eye Pipe anti-chop sensing system that is self cleaning, providing trouble free high rates of fire. Durable and super-flexible detents offer supreme tenderness to the most brittle of paint. The Reach Trigger allows the triggers reach and rake to be fully adjusted by the user for ultimate individual ergonomic comfort. Weighing in at 1.9lbs, the 2010 DM Series is lighter than its predecessor the DM9. All of these innovations, coupled with new 3D body styling and standard features like the patent pending Ultralite frame, Ultralite Sticky3™ grip, two piece 14 Ultralite barrel, cam lock feed neck, and cast aluminum inset DYE logo, its easy to see why the 2010 DM Series is The Choice of Champions.

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