Bullets at the Grand Tour Ukraine

This past weekend Budapest Bullets were in Lviv, Ukraine. Also known as the “heart of Europe soul of Ukraine” situated in the west of the country. It’s a city with great history and countless kinds of Vodka :) . We left Budapest on Friday to make the 580 km trip (360 Miles). The team roster for this event was:

Árpád Viszokay (Hun)
Viktor Zemen (Hun)
Ákos Tóth (Hun)
Gábor Gulyás (Hun)
Pavel Krenek (Cz)
Pete Utschig (USA)
Philipp Fischer (AT)

There are 8 pro teams in the top division that play 3 round robin events during the 4 legs of the Series, then the top 4 teams will make a final in Warsaw, Poland. This weekend Bullets had 6 games to play which we sold with 4 victory and 2 losses. The fields and the venue were set up by one of our DYE dealers “Victor Togayev” in a football stadium. The games were started with an opening ceremony were local kids represented the Ukraine with traditional dance then each team introduced themselves to the crowd. The games were great with several CPL and SPL teams in the pro division. Next time we go to Austria to continue the battle for Europe :) Stayed tuned to Find out how we do.

Viktor Zemen

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