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Bullets at the Grand Tour Ukraine

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

This past weekend Budapest Bullets were in Lviv, Ukraine. Also known as the “heart of Europe soul of Ukraine” situated in the west of the country. It’s a city with great history and countless kinds of Vodka :) . We left Budapest on Friday to make the 580 km trip (360 Miles). The team roster for this event was:

Árpád Viszokay (Hun)
Viktor Zemen (Hun)
Ákos Tóth (Hun)
Gábor Gulyás (Hun)
Pavel Krenek (Cz)
Pete Utschig (USA)
Philipp Fischer (AT)

There are 8 pro teams in the top division that play 3 round robin events during the 4 legs of the Series, then the top 4 teams will make a final in Warsaw, Poland. This weekend Bullets had 6 games to play which we sold with 4 victory and 2 losses. The fields and the venue were set up by one of our DYE dealers “Victor Togayev” in a football stadium. The games were started with an opening ceremony were local kids represented the Ukraine with traditional dance then each team introduced themselves to the crowd. The games were great with several CPL and SPL teams in the pro division. Next time we go to Austria to continue the battle for Europe :) Stayed tuned to Find out how we do.

Viktor Zemen

Ironmen practice for Chicago

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Montreal,Ontario,Costa Rica, Malaga Beach, Frankfurt, NYC

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Being a DYE sponsored player is every paintball players dream. Traveling the world representing our sports premiere company and using all the new cutting edge products. Playing for the best teams against the best players. After the World Cup 2007 I retired as a player of the World Champion Ironmen, but continued my career playing with the Eastern European powerhouse the Budapest Bullets. And as a representative of DYE and an ambassador of our sport.

This report is a small incite into the first half of the 2010 season from my perspective!!!!

The off season is always the busiest time for pro athletes, it’s the time we fine tune our skills through drilling while physically preparing our body’s for the wear and tear of a brutal months of travel,tournaments,and clinics! Twice a week I spend hours with a speed trainer at Maxability in NJ working on the one skill that seems to deteriorate year to year, my quickness and speed. Two other evenings are spent drilling at NYC paintball and holding U school every Tuesday with the help of NY Venom, an amateur team out of Queens. Scorpion Paintball in Montreal was the first stop on my tour of 2010 I was holding a clinic with players represented from all over the East of Canada. Most of these players are members of teams competing in the CXBL, MXL and RXBL tournament league in Canada. The CXBL is true Xball league with teams competing in a true 50 minute Xball games once a month. The respective top teams from the East, West, and Central divisions then compete for top honors at the World Cup. Unlike other places I teach clinics, the age range of the players in Canada is really young. These player are fast aggressive and full of raw talent.

The next stop on the tour was a small town in France where I met up with the Bullets for a two day indoor grind session with fellow DYE team Comin at Ya, it was a great practice with both teams working on plays for Malaga Beach. Costa Rica with my good buddy Billy Wing was a nice change from the freezing cold weather in France. Billy had invited me down to Costa Rica to help with the NT experience South American style. After a one day clinic Billy and I were reminded of our roots when we not only ran a DYE promotional booth with 6 NTs available for all to play with, we also set up the field and were then promoted to the reffing crew. Costa Rica seemed to follow the Canadian trend with the winning team being a bunch of fast hungry kids, machine gunning down the competition with NTs!

A quick stop at home to change my clothes and work a couple days at the firehouse and then off to sunny Malaga (yea right). The paintball gods were against us this time and the event was a wash out. A huge storm plus a Volcanic eruption equaled five days in the hotel room and no paintball. Not to fear as soon as I got home a 10 hour car ride with Bart Blonski awaited. Mark the owner of GZ paintball and CXBL team Kingston Criminal factory had set up a new kind of team clinic at GZ paintball in Ontario. 8 teams had signed up for a two hour session with Bart and I to go over the Xball field they would be competing on. Each team had private two hours with the Pros. Using the same techniques that we used with the Ironmen and Russian Legion we took the teams through walking the field, breakout drills, how to break down the field, and how to lock down the field. I have taught lots of clinics over the years but this one seemed the most practical for players because it was held on the exact set up the players would be competing on the next week. Gz will be holding three more of these clinics and I have heard that they are all sold out so far.

Since Malaga beach was a wash out we had to make up our games in Frankfurt. The weather was perfect. We played well winning all of our prelim games which matched us up with the combination Impact Dynasty team. They were too much for us knocking us out of the top four leaving us with a 6th place finish. Because of our rank we ended up facing the same Dynasty/Impact team again on Friday in the prelims of the Frankfurt tournament, this time the match was much closer and went into overtime. Once again we came up a little short and went into Saturday having to win our next two games. I am not sure what happened and have no excuses as we were out played by London Shock and Rhamstien Instinct, and for the first time in the history of the Bullets we did not play on Sunday.
With an ECS event in Ukraine and a Millennium in London scheduled for the next three weeks we will have plenty of chances to redeem ourselves……

Hopefully I will see all you Ballers on one of the next stops this summer….Ukraine,London,Austria,Budapest look out!!
Pete “Mr.U” Utschig

UK Super 5ives Series

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

It was another great day all round at the Super 5ives Series last weekend. The hot weather was out in force and Simon Kitchen’s Campaign Cup field layout was playing great. Peter Bourne was there to capture all the action which will no doubt go up on Full Bore Images Facebook page soon. I was also there for the next step of the Tommy Gun Initiative working with 3 teams throughout the day. All 3 showed real promise and improved thoroughly as the day went on which was great to see.
Check out for information on the next leg of the summer season! Thanks, Tommy Pemberton

Ecuador Evolution prepares for CSP Chile

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Ecuador Evolution prepares for CSP Chile

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