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Team Armagedon wins Guatemala national 3 man event

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Team Armagedon from Campo Gotcha, Guatemala took a hard earned first place at the Guatemala National 3 man event in Guatemala City.

Ollie Lang writes in about his recent travels to Europe

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

This past weekend I was able to kill two birds with one stone. That meaning one place and to functions. I flew into Vienna Austria this past Wednesday to be greeted by my friend and teammate Philip Fischer. He was the promoter for the clinic and was the one who put the whole thing together.

I also met up with Pete Utschig that evening for a bite to eat in Vienna, he was going to teach the clinic with me but he had come in early to spend some vacation with his girlfriend for her birthday.

Pete Utschig and I taught the clinic all day Thursday, it was a very successful clinic. The players were really good and easy to catch on, although I speak English to quickly as their native language is German. We accomplished a lot which was good despite it was the hottest day of the year in Vienna. Nothing that we American weren’t used to, but the Austrians were almost melting. The clinic was very functional because there was a grand tour event this following weekend so most of the clinic patrons were able to use what they learned right away.

I met with the bullets Friday after a little site seeing in Vienna to walk the field. The European paintball Grand Tour is an on going event series that you play multiple games to qualify for the finals in Warsaw. The Bullets had an awful start to the season so we had no room for error. We needed to win all of our games with strong point differentials.

We ended up winning 4 of the 5 games losing our last game to Art Chaos a Russian Team, who houses a few Russian Legion players. The score was 4 to 5 but with us having an unusual amount of penalty’s. Losing two points that we should have scored but due ton the penalties no points were awarded to us.

Next event is in Warsaw and hopefully we can play well there to make the top four and move on to play in the finals.

Then back to my European home in Budapest to spend one day to decompress and head home to San Diego.

CSP League visits Chile

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

The third event of CSP league took place in Chile last weekend July 17-18th. Event actually started on 16th as Mikko from Ironmen held DYE sponsored player clinic for players. Saturday morning competition started in very chilly conditions. 8 am it was about 30 Fahrenheit. During the day weather got nice and warm though. In open division Race To 4 format. Dye team Jungle Boyz (DYE) took 3rd and Team Evolution (DYE) from ecuador took 4th place in open division. Amateur category Evolution Jr (DYE) took 2nd place.

Dye was in force at the event with their booth and gun techs. Also besides usual Mikko and Osvaldo from Ironmen, Brandon short and Scott Kemp were at the event playing with Team Evolution.

“It was a really cool to travel and play this event. It felt weird to go from hot San Diego to middle of the winter time. Especially mornings were super cold, but during the day weather got good. Landscape at the event site was beautiful as city of Santiago is surrounded by snowy mountains and you could see em right where we were playing. I was excited to hold a clinic as well for Chilean players. Feedback from the clinic was really good. Sounded like people really enjoyed to do the drills and learn some new stuff!”- Mikko Huttunen, LA Ironmen

“Overall, it was an awesome event. and I cant wait for the 4th event coming up in Argentina.” -Scott Kemp LA Ironmen

Tampa Bay Damage and Billy Wing return from the Dominican Replublic

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

DYE Tampa Bay damage, and the NT experience made their way down to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. Timmy Propst, Alex Spence, and Ramzi El-Yousef headed down to the Copa las Americas cup on July 8th. The event was held at an all inclusive resort on the beach, where the players were able to enjoy pool side drinks during lunch breaks each day. Friday started the event off with some relaxed free play with the Damage guys so the teams could help finalize game plans. The Event saw nothing but clear sky’s for the whole weekend. It may have been a little hot, that just made the beach, pool, and drinks that much sweeter.

Teams from all over traveled to the island for this fantastic event, including teams from Taiwan, Colombia, and Venezuela. In the end DYE’s Colombia flagship team Way-out walked away with the championship.

The event was a success without question, and plans are already in the works for next years event which should be even bigger. Thanks to the guys on Damage for taking on this tough job (yeah right) and thanks to Monster paintball and everyone else that worked so hard to put on such a great event. Hope to see you guys next year.

Billy Wing reviews his latest trip to Colombia

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

A few weeks ago I sacrificed my 4th of July weekend here in San Diego for a chance to travel to Colombia, for Xtreme Camp’s Golden Cup. The trip started off a little slow, I flew into Bogota and then enjoyed a 6 hour drive to Ibague where the event was held. Once we got into town we checked into the ranch house, and enjoyed a little time by the pool before heading to the field for a small clinic.

The clinic covered some quick drills on individual skills, communication, and field walking. We had a small group, but it actually made it nice for going over game plans for the field with the guys in the clinic. Xtreme camp did a great job with the event. The field included a futball court, rock climbing wall, and a volleyball court. They also had a real comfortable lounge area where they had World Cup futball playing on a giant TV. The event was well run with good reffing headed by Bolivar Jorge. It was also a great weekend for DYE, Xtreme Town was set up at the event with a large booth showcasing all the DYE gear.

Div 2 was topped by all DYE teams. With Low Profile taking the win over Wild Dogs, and tsunami in 3rd. Another DYE team Way-out Kids, also won Div 3.

Thanks to xtreme camp and all the players for making me feel so welcome and for being part of a great event. I can’t wait to make it back down to COL.

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