CSP League visits Chile

The third event of CSP league took place in Chile last weekend July 17-18th. Event actually started on 16th as Mikko from Ironmen held DYE sponsored player clinic for players. Saturday morning competition started in very chilly conditions. 8 am it was about 30 Fahrenheit. During the day weather got nice and warm though. In open division Race To 4 format. Dye team Jungle Boyz (DYE) took 3rd and Team Evolution (DYE) from ecuador took 4th place in open division. Amateur category Evolution Jr (DYE) took 2nd place.

Dye was in force at the event with their booth and gun techs. Also besides usual Mikko and Osvaldo from Ironmen, Brandon short and Scott Kemp were at the event playing with Team Evolution.

“It was a really cool to travel and play this event. It felt weird to go from hot San Diego to middle of the winter time. Especially mornings were super cold, but during the day weather got good. Landscape at the event site was beautiful as city of Santiago is surrounded by snowy mountains and you could see em right where we were playing. I was excited to hold a clinic as well for Chilean players. Feedback from the clinic was really good. Sounded like people really enjoyed to do the drills and learn some new stuff!”- Mikko Huttunen, LA Ironmen

“Overall, it was an awesome event. and I cant wait for the 4th event coming up in Argentina.” -Scott Kemp LA Ironmen

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