Billy Wing returns from Aruba after a fun and relaxing weekend of paintball.

Last weekend Billy Wing found himself in Aruba for a Ironmen Pro-school and DYE NT Experience. It was a great turn out at Hot Triggers Paintball field with 30 players on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday started off the weekend with focusing on Individual skills like snap shooting, running and gunning, and position play. On Sunday, with local teams Aruba Madness and Aruba Extreme in attendance the day focused on team drills for communication, teamwork on the field, game strategy, and field walking.

All attendees were also treated to the NT Experience, an opportunity to play all day with DYE’s NT, DM10, and Rotor. The weather was hot and humid, but what else is to be expected on a tropical resort island in the Caribbean. Everyone had a blast all day having fun trying out the new DYE Equipment, playing paintball, and learning from one of the best in the business. Special thanks to Indy Chan, and the rest of the guys at Hot Triggers Paintball Supply for hosting a great event, and all the players who showed up and sweated it out in the heat.

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