Billy Wing and Ollie Lang return from Ecuador

Written by Billy Wing

Oliver and I just got back from Quito Ecuador, what a great trip. Between Oliver’s and my schedule it is pretty rare that we get to enjoy a trip together, so that in its self was fun. We flew in Wednesday night and were greeted by team Zurikatas, and a few other local players. Thursday and Friday I assisted Oliver as he lead Clinics with 28 people on Thursday and about 20 people on Friday. Both days were fun, with all the students eager to play paintball and learn. During the evenings we got a chance to see the city. We took a quick trip to the Equator, It’s not the most visually impressive experience but I can now say I stood on the Northern and southern hemisphere of the Earth at the same time, and that’s pretty cool. We also enjoyed tours of the city including the 7 main churches of Quito, and Calle de La Ronda a street in the center of Quito that preserves the history and celebrates the local culture of the city.

Saturday was the start of the EPPL event, with about 25 national teams from all over Ecuador attending, the Event was a huge success. The EPPL was able to get several companies to support the event from outside the paintball industry including a national chain of shopping malls, V220 Energy, PORTA, a local sushi restaurant that offered fresh sushi all day at the field, and Vose night club that served up complementary cocktails all day. Plus several other companies that made this event the place to be for families, and spectators. DYE also looked good this weekend with the top 4 open divisions all using DYE gear. Zurikatas beat out Evolution in the finals for the championship.

Endless thanks to Splatwar, Angel, Isreal, JD, James and all the other guys that made this such a great trip for Oliver and I.

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