Mikko Huttunen writes about his recent trip to Russia

As an international paintball player and Dye employee a big part of my year happens inside of airplanes, airports and living out of my Dye Navigator bags. This time my destination was all the way to the East, to Russia. I was very excited about this trip, in 2004 I lived in Moscow for an year playing with Russian Legion and this was the first time in 6 years I was heading back there. I flew from San Diego to London and met Devon Stutz at Heathrow airport. From there we continued our journey to Moscow International Airport Sheremetyevo.

After a painful 30 hours of traveling we finally landed in Moscow and headed to the hotel to sleep as we were scheduled to be at the paintball field early in the morning to play in the Moscow Grand Tour. The event was held at the Russian Legion paintball compound. Devon and I were playing with Dye sponsored team All Russians. This was the first time I saw the new Russian Legion field, it was much nicer than the one we used to practice on years ago. The Russian Legion Field includes one full size indoor dome, where they play during the winter, one smaller indoor dome and full size out door field with AstroTurf. Playing at the event everyone was very chilled and laid back, people were there to have a good time. We won all of our games until the finals, when our victorious route ended as we lost the game… So unfortunately we ended up taking a second place, but I enjoyed playing with the All Russians team and had tons of fun.

After the Moscow Grand Tour event Devon and I visited local paintball stores and fields. Facilities for paintball are pretty impressive in the Moscow area. Not only Russian Legion field, but SK Moscow had an amazing full size indoor dome with a Millennium field set up. We also went to visit some really cool scenario fields a little bit outside of Moscow. I was impressed by the fields they had built there. It’s also good to see that paintball is growing!

We also had some time in the evenings to go out and see the city. It has been changing a lot since 2004 when there was lots of construction going on. Now it looks nice and finished and the historical buildings are pretty impressive.

From Moscow we took a train to St. Petersburg. The train was pretty cool with it’s sleeping cabins. It left from Moscow in the evening and arrived in St. Petersburg the next morning. In St. Petersburg we visited more paintball stores for a day and half and then it was time to jump back in the airplane, headed towards London and from there to San Diego and Devon went back to Taiwan.

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