Reapers with NTs Conquer Again

Reaper won all 8 match’s over the weekend beating every team they came across even the Mighty DYNASTY 3-2 in the pre-lime stage..;)

Saturday saw Reaper smash through 6 of the 8 teams and Sunday they put the final nail in the two remaining teams. Sunday semis were against the Spitfires. Spitfires took the 1st point but Reaper came back with a 3-1 win in only 6 minutes.

Finals was Reaper against Dynamix, 1st point was a draw and very intense. Once again the Reaper Machine smashed the game open with consistent G1′s off the break and good team work. Some great t-bag play from Wed and Brian Millard broke their hold on the t-bag while Jax and Paul handled the snake,Troy broke the center as the Snake side had no answer for the pace of Paul and Jax. Chris and George maned the pits as the team came in to pod up, no air needed thanks to the brilliant NT design.

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