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CSP Final, Ecuador from Scott Kemp

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

I have traveled many places all around the world for paintball and I can confidently say that South America is one of my favorite! This last weekend Brandon Short and I played the final CSP event that was held in Guyiquil, Ecuador. We have played this whole season with team evolution who’s home town is in Ecuador. Being that we were in their home town for this event, we got to live the life of a true Ecuadorian for one week! Friday before the event started Brandon and I hosted a clinic. It was held at the Guyiquil Golf Country Club, which was pretty cool. Once the event started on Saturday I noticed pretty much every player and team uses Dye gear. It’s always nice to see that!

Once Sunday rolled around it was time to do business. Evolution has two teams in both division and everyone was looking pretty solid. When finals came around both our teams were in it. This was a good look but we all knew we won’t be satisfied unless we bring home the gold. The lower division team played first and won the event 4-3 in overtime! Now it was time for our final match against Monosalvaje, another local Ecuadorian team. They had Bobby Aviles from infamous guesting with them. We got a few penalties and had to play two points 4 on 5, but we ended up winning 3-2! The team who took 3rd was Curikatas, also an Ecuadorian team. They have an awesome player on their team named Gaccu!

Well it was a great event held by the CSP and we made history with Evolution by winning in both divisions! Juan Daniel, captain of Evolution and everyone else from both teams played awesome and took great care of us! I can’t wait to go back!!

-Scott Kemp

DYE Takes Top 4 spots at Golden Cup in Columbia

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Last week in Ibague, Colombia Xtreme Camp held Golden Cup 2. Even though the weather did not cooperate it turned out to be a great event especially for DYE with the top 4 placing teams wearing and shooting DYE. Way-Out beat Tsunami for the title in a close match that was decided by 1 point. Congratulations to Way-out and all the teams that fought through the mud and had fun.

This is the second great event the guys at Xtreme Camp have put on this year and I hope they plan on doing more next year if you get the chance be sure to play one. And a special thanks to Bolivar Jorge for another good job running the Reff crew.

Open Division Winners
1. WayOut – DYE
2.Tsunami – DYE
3.Wildogs – DYE
4.Low Profile – DYE

New DYE Tactical Gear spotted at the Mercury Paintball Big Game – Malaga, Spain.

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

07 de noviembre 2010

Muchas gracias a Chris Bell y su maravilloso equipo de personal de Mercury Paintball, que ha mantenido un muy entretenido y divertido y súper realista “Asedio de Gibraltar’ juego de escenario, con bombas de humo de grado militar, e incluso el fuego de artillería de simulación!Con más de 150 jugadores a la vista, la lucha fue intensa durante todo el día. Los fuerzas Británicas mantuvieron su posición de tomar una temprana ventaja, pero al final del día, los combatientes Españoles fue demasiado para los Británicos y el asedio había terminado!

Hubo algunos grandes premios en juego en el duelo a pistola y la galería de tiro, entre ellos: camisetas, gorras, DYE Cargadores ROTOR y gafas de PROTO AXIS.

DYE estaban en el sitio para proporcionar soporte técnico y una vista previa del nuevo engranaje táctico y 2011 del marcador, El RAIL.

Esperamos volver para la próxima batalla que comenzará en marzo.
Si desea participar por favor contactar con los chicos de:

Mercury Paintball Europe S.L.
+34 952 038 439
+34 952 320 324


Nov 7th 2010

A Big thanks to Chris Bell and his wonderful team of staff at Mercury Paintball, who held a thoroughly enjoyable & super realistic ‘Siege of Gibraltar’ scenario game, complete with military grade smoke bombs and even simulation artillery fire !!!With well over 150 players on sight, the fighting was intense throughout the day.The British forces held their ground to take an early lead, but by the end of the day the Spanish fighters proved too much for the Brits and the seige was over !

There were some great prizes up for grabs in the Pistol Duel and the Shooting gallery, including: T-shirts, Hats, DYE ROTOR Loaders & PROTO AXIS Goggles.

DYE were on site to provide Tech support and preview the New Tactical Gear and 2011 marker, THE RAIL.

We look forward to returning for the next battle due to commence in March.
If you would like to take part please contact the guys at:

Mercury Paintball Europe S.L.
+34 952 038 439
+34 952 320 324

2011 Proto Reflex

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

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1. 2 piece, 14″ Barrel with .690 micro honed back part
2. Hyper3 regulator soft touch rubber and 360 degree swivel arm
3. Anti Chop eyes4. Self cleaning eye pipe technology with integrated ball detents
4. 140psi operating pressure6. Proto dual density sticky grips
5. Led program control with four tournament modes and rate of fire adjustment
6. Aircraft grade aluminum 45 frame with ultralite ergonomic styling
7. Ultralite aluminum trigger
8. Cam lock feed neck
9. Screwed together bolt with metal back cap for easy access
10. Proto on/off airport
11. Easy release adjustable airport mount
12. 1200 shot efficiency from 68 ci / 4500psi tank
13. Maximum ROF 25bps

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New DYE PGA Warrior Series DM11 and NT11

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

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