DYE Hard/Paintball Market Clinic

This weekend saw the ‘DYE Hard’ paintball clinic run by Paintball Market, held at Extreme Paintball near Athens. Over 50 players were coached by Clint Moore and Ash Chaplen from Nexus, Fabrice ‘Tavarez’

Colombo from TonTon as well as Viktor Zemen and Pavel Krenek from Bullets.

Tournament paintball is very young in Greece, and there are no pro players, so this was a great chance for the players from Greece to learn from the pro’s. We started off on Saturday by meeting all the players and then set about drills. There were two fields – one in doors and one out doors. The players were split in to groups and and spent the day learning different skills from each of the pro players, such as lane shooting, snake play and running and shooting. At the end of the day all the players learnt a hell of a lot on what it takes to become a pro paintball player.

Sunday was set up as a tournament with a pro along side each team, helping them with field walking and tactics. At the end of the two days there were a lot of happy faces and it was great to be a part of the ‘DYE Hard’ clinic. This is putting paintball in Greece in the right direction.

I want to say a big thank you to Paintball Market for making this happen and to all the people who looked after us so well. I hope we can go back there next year and see all of the improved players. Best of luck to all the players who attended the ‘DYE Hard’ clinic and hope to see you all soon.


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