Team Nemesis wins 2010 MY-NPL Series Finale

“2010 has been a year full of trials and tribulations. We have had players injured, retired and other obstacles came our way. It is the year where we learned that perseverance and commitment will bring success eventually. It hasn’t been a smooth journey but we persevered until the end. We believed our team spirit and disciplined had help us through thick and thin.

Our path to win the My-NPL finale and Overall Champion was not a stroll in the park. It was an uphill struggle. Having had to play for tournaments for 3 weeks in a row prior to NPL, we were all tired and whacked. Preliminary was extremely challenging, as we had to fight other strong teams. We fought hard to win, trying hard to stay focus and keeping up with the rest. When we won, we were overwhelmed with gratitude and satisfaction. Our effort paid off.

2011 will be another hurdle for us. With our new line up of players, whom we have recruited throughout the season, we hope to be stronger. We plan to have more International tournament exposure next year. We believe the only way to grow is to never stop learning and winning is a plus. We would like to thank G.A.R.S. for everything, Dye Asia for the best equipment & attire, and our competitors. See you all next year. ”

- Arif Samad
Team Nemesis Legion

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