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MPL Final Event

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Over Thanksgiving weekend I made my last trip of the year for the Final MPL event in Mexico. My mom was not happy with me because I choose to go to Mexico City over going home for Thanksgiving. She survived and I went home for Christmas. But anyway back to the event. 55 teams showed up to play in the final round of the 2010 MPL series. I was down there as usual helping players and sponsored teams with their equipment.  I have been very lucky all year with the weather at the evetns I have attended, and this trip was for the most part more good weather luck.  It was pretty cold in the morning but by mid day it was just about perfect paintball weather.  The event ran as smooth as can be, with games being on time all weekend, which kept the players in a good mood.  The refs were also in a good mood all weekend because of their new DYE padded ref jerseys that kept the welts down to a minimum.  The DYE booth was busy all weekend. This was the first time most of the players had seen the 2011 DYE product line.  I want to thank Jackal Paintball and all the other supporting members of the MPL for clearly caring about growing paintball in Mexico and putting on a quality events for the players.  And thanks to everyone that made it such a fun last trip of the year. And Congratulations to White Tigers for the championship.     

Presenting Dye’s “Design your own NT” Contest

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Dye Paintball presents a new contest that has never been done before. Here at Dye, we are always working very hard to introduce cutting edge designs and products for the paintball world. Now you will have a chance to join in our design team.

After our successful introduction of DYE’s revolutionary PGA™ custom graphic anodizing at PSP World Cup 2009, we have been able to transfer the most mind blowing graphics right on to our paintball guns. Now you can be the designer of a brand new DYE NT PGA™ gun.

More information available at

TON TON paintball team on French TV

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Matthias Julliand reçoit deux membres des “Tontons Flingueurs”, l’équipe marseillaise de paintball qui a remporté cette année la Coupe du Monde.

Click Here To Watch

Matthias Julliand receives two members of the “Tonton Flingueurs” paintball la’équipe Marseille who won this year’s World Cup.

4 Event CBP and Final Season Rankings

Friday, December 17th, 2010

December 4th and 5th, Sao Paulo – Brazil.

The last stage of the 2010 CBP (Circuito Brasileiro de Paintball) was held. The weekend consisted of 28 teams (open and amateur) and two days of sunshine and heat. There were a total of 152 games intense games played.

The results were as follows:

4 Event CBP

Open Division

1 – Ninjas Bravo (Dye Team)

2 – Jungle Boyz (Dye Team)

5 – Rapinas (Dye Team)

Amateur Division

1 – Ninjas Black (Dye Team)

3 – Jungle Boyz AM (Dye Team)

4 – Braves Red (Dye Team)

2010 Season

Open Division

1 – Jungle Boyz (Dye Team)

3 – Ninjas Bravo (Dye Team)

Amateur Division

1 – Ninjas Black (Dye Team)

3 – Jungle Boyz AM (Dye Team)

4 – Minas das Gerais (Dye Team)


The Moonwalkers

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Meet team Moonwalkers.  This year marks the 4th consecutive year that they have won the Argentina Open. This year they also won the CSP Argentina. The Moonwalkers are sponsored through Monty Paintball. Great job Moonwalkers!  

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