CSP 2011 – South American Paintball Circuit

CSP 2011 – South American Paintball Circuit

If you are looking for a good tournament series in South America, CSP is the right one.

In it’s 6th year, CSP 2011 will keep the same Race to 4 rules used last year, with one important addition: Novice Division. This new division has become an instant success as all the players that wouldn’t dare to compete with more experienced and better-equipped teams will now be able to have all the same fun facing teams with the same level. This is certainly a fuel injection in the sport as a lot of new teams are expected to join CSP.

Another enhancement in 2011 concerns the referees. An agreement between Lane – PSP and Tania – CSP assures that a very experienced PSP ultimate ref will be at the CSP tournaments to give the ref’s clinics. Part of these clinics will be to get hands on experience by actually working the tournament. This investment will help move towards the goal to form an international referee team for CSP 2012 to go to all the tournaments.

CSP 2011 will have 6 tournaments in 6 different countries. The different locations offer many attractions. You can experience the exotic ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, the dazzling beaches in Brazil, snowboard in Chile, the wild life and volcanoes in Ecuador, incredible beef parrillada and tango in Argentina and the fun and nature in golden Colombia. This is a tournament series that provides paintball, the sport we love, and incredible tourism as well.

For more information, visit the web site www.csp-paintball.com or follow the twitter @csp_paintball

CSP 2011 – DATES

MARCH 26th. and  27th. – Argentina

APRIL 30th. MAY 1st. – Ecuador

JUNE 11th. and 12th. – Brasil

JULY 23rd. and 24th. – Peru

SEPTEMBER 3rd. and 4th. – Chile

NOVEMBER 26th. and 27th. – Colombia

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