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Hostile Intentions and the first round of the Super 7s

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Last weekend Hostile Intentions journeyed to Rouse Hill, Sydney for the first round of Super 7s paintball. This forms part of Australia’s premier paintball competition series with a total of 4 rounds throughout the year. The heat would become a major issue over the weekend with mid 30 plus figures interfering with our minds and bodies.

A few minor rule changes have taken place during the off season. The most important one being the reduction in points for victory. Which has been reduced to 4, meaning the first team to score 4 points within the total game time of 10 minutes would be the winner. Competition started on Saturday morning with a total of 5 rounds scheduled for the day followed by a further 3 and finals on Sunday. Our first match up would prove to be our toughest, meeting the 2010 series second place, SWAT. Hostile Intentions were caught by surprise with the aggressive attack of SWAT, only securing a single point to the 4 taken by SWAT to secure the first round win.

Round 2 and Hostile was not going to caught napping again. Meeting the always unpredictable X-Fighters in a strongly contested match HI would emerge victorious with a 4 to 2 point win. The third round HI met Explicit who put up little resistance in a 4 to 1 encounter. Round 4 and HI would suffer its second loss to team Apocalypse. Again HI found they had to fight back from a deficit to stanch victory, but was
beaten by the time clock. The 5th and final round of day one. HI needed a strong victory to assume themselves of a place in the finals and to take a winning attitude into the second day of competition. HI met team
RAW, another Queensland based team. Hi achieved their goal, in a 4 to nothing win over RAW.

After day one HI walks away with the knowledge that another lose would push them out of the finals and the first day of day two would be the undefeated SWAT Kidz. Sunday and our finals hopes all rested on the next two games. HI met SWAT Kidz and experienced one of the hardest fought games of the tournament. We would eventually secure victory in a 4 to 2 score line.

7th and final preliminary round. A victory here would give HI a great run into the finals competition. We met Hustle, a team which has stepped up to the pro division for the first time this year. But we could be complacent and insuring a 4 to nothing win. After our performance on day 1 and the finals format only consisting of 1st vs 2nd for first place and 3rd vs 4th for third place. HI had to rely on results from other matches to confirm our position in the final. Unfortunately things didn’t go our way and the best we could hope for was a third place. Fortunately this contest would be against team Apocalypse to whom we lost to on Saturday. This was our chance for retribution, and so it was HI taking a convincing win over a team who had our measure earlier that weekend. This result confirmed Hostile Intention as 3rd place getters in the first round of Super 7s competition. Funnily enough the exact same result as last year in the first round only to come back and win the series for 2010.

A big thanks to our continuing sponsors Dye Paintball, Skirmish Samford and Furious Paintball and a extra big thanks to our new sponsors for 2011 – Killer Paintballs, Paintball and Action Paintball. Together you all make our paintball possible.

DYE Custom NT Design Contest Results

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

DYE Precision, Inc. would like to congratulate all of the winners. Thank you to all of the contestants for their hard work, creativeness, and positive comments received during the Design Your Own NT Contest.

Be sure to stay tuned for more chances to win free DYE gear.

SoManc is back with DYE Precision Ltd.

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Dye Precision Ltd. is pleased to announce the re-signing of the UK Paintball Team, SoManc.

We are very happy to be working with SoManc again. After finishing well in the Millennium Series SPL 2010, it’s great to see the SoManc name return.

Steve Brown, SoManc Captain:
We are delighted to announce that we are going back to our roots. Not only have we reclaimed the SoManc name but we have also teamed back up with DYE, the Company where it all began! We are really looking forward to our exciting future back with the DYE family and the players can’t wait to get their hands on the amazing new NT11′s and to be rocking the fantastic C11 gear. DYE + SoManc = WOW!”

SoManc will be using the new NT11, combined with the DYE Rotor, I4 goggles and C11 playing kit. Look out for the team at the opening CPPS event in March.

Clint Moore Paintball Clinic

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Clint Moore team captain of London Nexus is hosting a pro training school every Wednesday @ Bricket wood training centre.

Sessions from 12pm – 4pm

pre book only

site paint or BYO


for more details or to book a place.

2011 Proto Rail Video

Friday, February 18th, 2011


Taking over the field, the Proto Rail™ is your stepping stone to greatness. High-end performance in a durable and reliable setup, the Proto Rail™ is for the serious competitor. Featuring Boost™ Forward Technology, giving you a cushioned push on the ball and delayed bolt speed for increased air efficiency and high rate of fire.

Key Features of the 2011 Proto Rail
1. One Piece 11” Proto Barrel
2. Increased Flow Hyper3™ In-line Air Regulator
3. Anti-chop Break Beam Eye System
4. 155psi Operating Pressure
5. Continuous Three-Dimensional Contoured Body Design
6. Proto Dual-Density Injection Sticky Grip
7. LED Program Control with Four Tournament Modes and Rate of Fire adjustment
8. Ultralite™ Ergonomic 45 Frame
9. Ultralite™ Aluminum Trigger
10. Adjustable Clamping Feed neck
11. Self cleaning Eye Pipe* technology with integrated ball detents
12. Screwed together bolt kit with metal back cap for easy access.


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