Scot Kemps Galveston Story

Prepping for this event I was mentally and physically in the best shape of my life. The Ironmen roster was smaller and younger then its ever been but that didn’t put any doubt in our minds. Flying into the event Wednesday but not playing until Sat gave us some extra free time.

I’d imagine all the other teams were going out partying but we worked out every day and stayed focused. Our draw was a pretty good one. We picked up a new paint sponsor G.I. that shot amazing!

We have Russians, Impact, Chattanooga, and Dynasty. Our first game was against Russians and we beat them in overtime. We needed that win bad to turn heads and give our little guys confidence. Next we lost to impact by 1 point with 5 sec left on the clock. We beat Chattanooga and lost to Dynasty. Our record was 2-2, not good enough. We had to go at least 3-1 to make the next round. Although we didn’t get past the next round by a hair I’m still and very proud of our team and  the young ones showed a lot of heart. I know were due for a win this season!

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