Izmir Angelpark Take 1st Place in Paris!

Izmir Angelpark from Turkey were in Paris over the weekend for the first event of the 2011 Millennium Series, the team put on a solid performance all weekend to take the win in Division 2. Captain of the team, Volkan Bagci gave us a run down of the event.

Our first game was kind of difficult since half of the team landed late on Thursday night and only saw the field 5 minutes before the first game on Friday. 3 of the players are from Norway and haven`t been shooting paint since October due to hard winter, so the first game was challenging to try and learn the field and play as a team. Second game on Friday was against the all girl team Poison Ivy from Norway, we ended up winning the game but they did not give us those points so easily, respect to them for that. We played our last prelim game and that went much better since we now knew more about the field, the angles and were feeling more confident playing as a team. We were top in our group and one of the last 16 teams, we had our first elimination game late Saturday which also went well for us.

Our good form continued on Sunday, we won against Gold Coast Dijon and took out Why Not Paris at the semi finals.

We went on to play against London Defiance in the finals, a team of young players with determination in their eyes. We took the first 3 points, then they started to lock the snake side real good and took the next 2 points. It was a very close game which ended with the time running out in the next point, giving us the win. We couldn’t believe that we won the event… It was great fun.

Thank you Dye for the NT11s and all the other equipment, Celtic for the paintballs, Bullitproofmonkey.com for the pictures, and the team for playing great.

We will come even stronger to the next event in Bitburg.

Volkan Bagci
Team captain
Izmir Angelpark

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    Izmir Angelpark Take 1st Place in Paris! – Dye Paintball News from around the World…

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