Mikko asks Pete Utschig some questions about plans for 2011

Mikko: Pete Whats up, I remember you saying after Millennium season that as Bullets were done, you were done with paintball as well?

Done with paintball me never…… I had decided to completely retire from paintball after the 2010 Millennium series, but the call of travel, competition, and paintball life style was just too much.

Mikko: I knew you would get bored and keep on playing. You are true paintball fanatic and great ambassador for the sport.

Mikko: What is your plan for 2011?
Pete: I guess fanatic is a good word. Paintball has been running through my veins since the first time I played 18 years ago. I appreciate the compliment about being a ambassador, I just want to be able to spread some of the enjoyment that I get every time I get to step on the field. I am lucky enough to have DYE the best company in the sport of paintball support me in every endeavor I take part in. This year I am going to shift my focus from US/Euro Pro series to Coaching/Playing the CPS series with Zurikatas the DYE team from Ecuador and returning to my roots battling it out in the woods with the Ironmen Tactical team.

Mikko: I’ve done few trips with you in south America, i know its so much fun down there. How excited are you to be able to go all over to South America this year?

Pete: I am really excited, paintball in South America has been exploding recently. The atmosphere is amazing, everyone is so friendly and looking to soak up all the paintball knowledge they can get. South American paintball is an unrefined pool of paintball players, you never know where the next paintball superstar player or team is going to come from. With the emphasis on sports and athletics in South America all these guys need is a little experience and…LOOK OUT!!!!

Mikko: How about the Europe, you haven’t forget your fans over seas right? I know we are going to have one great trip coming..

Pete: I have so many friends and memories from all across Europe that I can never forget, sometimes I think that I am half Hungarian. You can be sure to see me teaching clinics across Europe and rocking out this June at Maxes huge Scenario game in Germany.  And we both know summer is not complete without a few fun days of paintball in Finland.

Mikko: So, this year you’re making a huge move into the Tactical paintball. How is that gonna be? I know you love to play big games. What are you going to do this year.

Pete: I was lucky enough to play a bunch of Scenario/Woodsball last year and really wanted to get into Tactical paintball. I was able to meet a whole bunch of cool players, and I cant wait to see all the skills ballerz have this year as long as there not scared to face me the boyz wearing the Shield in the woods. I have a bunch of events Scenario events scheduled for this year. I am starting out my Tactical season April 9-10 at the West Point Spring Classic and joining my good friend Greg Hastings on the GHTP tour. All the players should check out my schedule on the DYE website and come see if they got what it takes to earn a Shield.

Mikko: How is tactical paintball different from tournament paintball from your opinion?

Pete: Tactical paintball takes different skills and objectives. Tournament paintball is very cut and dry, its all centered around grabbing the flag and score the point. In tactical paintball your objective could be one of hundred different things. Your objective might be to hold off a hoard of 500 warriors for as long as yo can just to give your team a chance to regroup, or it might be to lead a charge up a hill to break through a dug in defense knowing that your repayment is about 20 welts. Every “BODY” has there specialties in the woods. Woodsball takes patience, cunningness, and some times old school tricknowlegey. The atmosphere is also different at Scenario games, every one is there for the same goal, to have fun. After fighting battles on the it’s time to share stories and a burger.

Mikko: Why do you think more and more tournament players crossing over both in tournament and tactical worlds?

Pete: Most paintball players started there paintball players started in the woods. Be it in your buddies back yard or at SC Village we all have memories of playing in the woods. Plus Tactical paintball offers players all different options, no one Tactical fields is same. One field might be a city, or jungle, you could be defending a castle or storming a air field. You have to be able to play all terrains and obstacles. Tactical paintball is also full of all new cool gear. You have to be prepared for everything. When you head out for a battle you dont know if your going to be in battle for a minute or a hour.

Mikko: How excited you’re to be part of Dye’s Tactical Ironmen crew? Wearing that shield again?

Pete: Wearing a Shield was always a dream of mine, and I always will consider myself a Ironmen. But to bring it back out on the field with me gets my blood flowing. The Ironmen are the most winning team in paintball and honestly have always have been badasses! So I hope Scenario players are ready because The Ironmen are on the move and no where in the woods are going to be safe this year!!!!

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