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Scot Kemps Galveston Story

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Prepping for this event I was mentally and physically in the best shape of my life. The Ironmen roster was smaller and younger then its ever been but that didn’t put any doubt in our minds. Flying into the event Wednesday but not playing until Sat gave us some extra free time.

I’d imagine all the other teams were going out partying but we worked out every day and stayed focused. Our draw was a pretty good one. We picked up a new paint sponsor G.I. that shot amazing!

We have Russians, Impact, Chattanooga, and Dynasty. Our first game was against Russians and we beat them in overtime. We needed that win bad to turn heads and give our little guys confidence. Next we lost to impact by 1 point with 5 sec left on the clock. We beat Chattanooga and lost to Dynasty. Our record was 2-2, not good enough. We had to go at least 3-1 to make the next round. Although we didn’t get past the next round by a hair I’m still and very proud of our team and  the young ones showed a lot of heart. I know were due for a win this season!

Dye Precision signs Paintball Team Madbox

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Este año 2011, nuestro equipo contara con el gran apoyo de una de las empresas más grandes del mercado del paintball, como lo es Dye Precision.
Dye hoy por hoy es una de las empresas con más presencia en el mercado latinoamericano, tanto en torneos nacionales como internacionales, ya sea CSP, CBP, PSP, MILLENIUM.

La temporada que ya se viene, como equipo, tendremos el gran apoyo por parte de esta gran empresa, representada para Sudamérica por el jugador del equipo LA Ironmen, Osvaldo López. MadBox debutara como nuevo equipo Dye para el CSP Argentina, a realizarse a fines de Marzo, contando desde ya con la excelente indumentaria línea C11, tanto para vestimenta como marcadoras.

Queremos agradecer a Dye y Osvaldo López por confiar en nuestro equipo para esta temporada 2011, teniendo como objetivo principal, ganar el Circuito Sudamericano de Paintball (CSP). Obviamente podrán encontrar todo los productos Dye Precision en nuestro gran auspiciador Tienda 2NEL

MadBox Team


This year 2011, our team had great support from one of the largest companies in the paintball market, such as Dye Precision. Dye today is one of the companies with more presence in the Latin American market, both national and international tournaments CSP, CBP, PSP, and MILLENNIUM.

The season that will start , as a team, we have the strong support of this great company, represented to South America for the LA Ironmen team player, Osvaldo Lopes. MadBox Dye debuted as an expansion team for the CSP Argentina, to be held in 26-27 March, counting since already with excellent line C11 for both gear and markers.

We thank Osvaldo Lopes and Dye for trust in our team for the 2011 season, with the main objective, winning the South American Paintball Circuit (CSP). Obviously you can find all products Dye Precision in our Shop 2NEL in Santiago – Chile

Team MadBox

Paintball Team STK joins the Dye family.

Monday, March 14th, 2011

We’ve liked Dye products for a long time so we’re very excited to be shooting NT’s and DM’s as well as wearing all Dye gear! Having a serious backing is going to make a huge difference and we are looking forward to performing at the PALS events.

- Dan Woods Team STK Captain

I’m very excited to have this young group of players from, Western Australia in the latest and greatest Dye gear from Head to Toe. Expect to see the team at all of the PALS events as well as local events in Western Australia. STK has proven year after year they are a top tier team.

- Devon Stutz

NT11 – Faded Series – Brown/Orange now Available!

Monday, March 7th, 2011

NT11 – Faded Series – Brown/Orange is now available!

More details at


Friday, March 4th, 2011

DyeCam PGA Pattern Anodizing
45 Degree Hyper 3 Macro Line Adapter
Dye Tactical Colored Grips
Dye Tactical Colored Macro Line Fittings
DyeCam NT Colored Body Logos
Color matched DyeCam UL Barrel

The new NT11 now boasts a lot wider range of user adjustability, smoother shot recoil and a quieter sound signature.

1. 14 inch two piece Ultralite barrel with .688 bore
2. Spool valve technology with
a. Boost forward feature for gentle touch on paint
b. Automatic valve shutoff for maximum efficiency
c. Integrated secondary solenoid spool
3. Low operating pressure of just 125psi
a. Lowered for 2011 for even softer feel and reduced noise
4. Eye pipe with integrated detents
5. Ultimate efficiency, 1500-1700 shots of 68/45
6. Player performance and shooting comfort
a. Added third bolt tip flow insert
b. Color coded volume inserts for easier use
7. Ultralite airport
8. Ultralite reach trigger
9. 2nd generation ultralite frame
10. LED control with 4 fire modes and 40 rof settings
11. Hyper3 regulator
12. Cam lock feed neck
13. Tool-less sticky grips for quick access
14. Contact pads for maximum comfort and grip

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