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Billy Wing and the 2011 DYE DM11

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Technical Video

All new Dye Matrix DM Series Markers
1. 14 inch two piece Ultralite barrel with .688 bore
2. Fuse Bolt
3. Internal LPR
4. Low operating pressure of 145psi
5. Eye pipe with integrated detents
6. Ultralite airport
7. Ultralite reach trigger
8. 2nd generation ultralite frame
9. LED control with 4 fire modes and 40 rof settings
10. Hyper3 regulator
11. Cam lock feed neck
12. Tool-less sticky grips for quick access


On April 16 and 17, Brazil opened its 2011 season the first event of the Brazilian Circuit of Paintball, CBP.

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

On April 16 and 17, Brazil opened its 2011 season the first event of the Brazilian Circuit of Paintball, CBP. The event promoted by Mega Play Morumbi and supported by Dye was held in Sao Paulo. Anyone who was present at the event may have an idea of ​​what will come out on the 2011 season… This year, fortunately, the number of people interested in attending the event was much larger and some spots were open beyond the stipulated limit. Still, some teams were left out. The opening of new spots has increased significantly the number of matches, more than 170 games in the tournament held in only one field. As always, the weather cooperated and the first event was a great success. In the Pro category  the champion was a Dye team, the Jungle Kidz.

Weekend of sun and very heated matches. The teams were divided into three keys and the champions of each key would go to the semifinals.

In the A bracket, the teams that made it to the semifinals were the Pro Boyz Jungle  and the Amateur Minas das Gerais, both Dye teams. In B bracket, the best scorers in each category were the Pro Jungle Kidz (Dye) and Amateur Lethal (Dye). In C, Ninjinhas Mega Play (Dye) Pro and Amateur Raptors (Dye). The 2nd place overall in each category who also competed in the semifinal was the Pro Ninjinhas Mega Black (Dye) and the Amateur Hitmen (Dye).















The organization of CBP thanks, once again, the trust of all who registered and participated in this first event. All of us working in the organization of CBP and Mega Play are proud with the participation of so many people.

We greatly appreciate the support and collaboration of DYE, represented here by Osvaldo Lopes.


The 2nd event of CBP will be held on August 21st  and 22nd in Sao Paulo. All are invited!

DYE Pro team Toulouse TonTon recently ran a ‘Summer Camp’ – teaser video

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

DYE Pro team Toulouse TonTon recently ran a ‘Summer Camp’ where players combined 6 days of Paintball practice with other outdoor sports. A full video will be released showing what they got up to. Here is a teaser of what to expect.

Billy Wing and Mike Paxson visit the Dominican Republic

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Billy and Mike traveled down to the Dominican Republic to host the NT Experience and 2 day clinic at Monster Paintball field in Santo Domingo. Players showed up from all over the country to check out the new DYE equipment and be put through the paces by two of the best players in the world. It was a great weekend with over 100 players participating over the weekend. despite a little rain at night the weather was about perfect during the day and Monster PB field had all the details covered for the players, including a BBQ lunch, drinks, and plenty of shaded seating.  The players took turns playing with new Rotors, NT11s and DM11s, and Reflex that DYE sent out for the weekend.  The clinic was fun and relaxed. Mike and Billy took the players through a wide set of skills and fun drills to help their game.  At the end of the day many of the players mixed it up a bit and shifted gear to the scenario  field, where Mike and Billy showed that tournament players know how to be sneaky as well as fast.

Thank you Monster Paintball,  Xtreme Paintball, and the Diaz family for the fun weekend and amazing hospitality.


Tactical Ironmen attending Living Legends

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Tactiacal Ironmen will be at the living legends paintball event with DYE support truck showcasing the the new
DYE Tactical Gear


Living Legends is an annual paintball game that takes place at CPX paintball field in Chicago, IL.Now entering its forth year, Living Legends has grown fast in both size and reputation as one of the most exciting paintball events of the year.

While initially started as a way to honor those who have served the paintball community over the years, it has since evolved into an event in which paintballers from all over the world (of varying experience and skill) look forward to.
The weekend long themed event, produced by Viper Paintball is sure to be exciting and enjoyable for participants of all ages with rental equipment available for those who need it. While the main events happen on Saturday and Sunday, sideline events also take place from Friday onwards, in addition to a trade show

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