CSP Argentina 2011

The CSP (Circuit South American of Paintball) season started in Argentina on March 26th and 27th. The location was at the field La Candida Lopez in the city of San Andres de Giles, close to Buenos Aires.

This was the best Argentinean event, a very pleasant place, with a lot of green, good facilities to accommodate everybody and the biggest number of Argentinean teams that have ever participated in a CSP tournament in that country.

A very important part of the event was the Referee Clinic that brought David Baker ā€“ PSP ref and instructor ā€“ to give a very complete course to the AAP refs with certificates and work as Ultimate Ref.

Players from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, United States and Uruguay played in 19 teams divided in 3 divisions: Open, Amateur and Rookie. Osvaldo Lopes of Ironmen played with the Moonwalkers, Tony Perez with team Madbox and Mr. ā€œUā€ with team Zurikatas. All Dye teams, this blending of pro players has been helping to increase the level of South American paintball as they share their skills and experiences with the teams.

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