Devon reports on his first D-Day Battle in Australia

This was my first D-Day type of scenario event which was located at Pheonix Paintball in Gippsland, Victoria.  The event kicked off with roughly 200 players. This is not a lot of players until you see the field its played on.  I was shocked but so excited at how small the storming off the beach field was. The day was broken down into five different games on Saturday.  Three of the games were the storming of the beach field and the other 2  took place in the woods.  Each player was put into a group at the start of the day and you played 2 games attacking the beach and one game defending it.  Either way you could hear players on both side of the field laughing and I know I was laughing while playing more than a couple times.

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While the games were going on everyone there had something to do from playing to reffing or taking video or pictures.  Then when the game was over the war stories from that game were out and being joked about.  The atmosphere was great!

From the minute the game started there were people getting shot from the army of men on top of the hill.  The field was filled with enough pyrotechnics for a good forth of July fireworks show, refs walking around with sub machine guns shooting blank rounds, .50 cal guns and .33 cal guns shooting off blanks as well.  This was great cause it made you really feel like a war scene.  I actually dropped to the ground when one of the refs shot one of the blanks behind me for the first time.

Once the games where moved into the woods things changed a bit.  The woodsball fields were very thick and lots of room to hide without being spotted.  It made for some interesting games and also allowed some people to move up and be sneaky without the other team knowing. This came at the risk of the elements.  I thought that I had rubbed against an itchy plant but instead there were a couple leaches that decided to suck on my leg.

All in all it was a great event and a lot of fun.  Fingers crossed that they are able to have D-Day again in 2012.

– Devon Stutz

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