DYE Travel Blog: Pete “Mr.U” Utschig CSP Argentina 2011

Being sponsored by the biggest name in paintball has a lot of advantages. Besides the being able to use the best gear, and play and learn from the best players in the world, you are also find your self traveling to place in the world that you would only dream of going. This year I am lucky enough to be a member of the team Zurikatas based out of Kito Equador. The team is young, aggressive and thirsty for paintball knowledge.

The first stop on my South American adventure was Buenos Aires Argentina. If you have to describe paradise there are a couple of essential aspects the so-called paradise has to have. Take it from me Buenos Aires has all the big ones, Argentina is known for its amazing meat and there steak houses are in a class of there own, the weather was perfect sunny and 80′s during the day and cool and pleasant at night. Rounding out the paradise trifecta of course is the women. Argentina had a large influx of Europeans after the World wars, which mixed with the locals, make for some of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen. The event took place over two days with each team playing a round robin race to four Xball. We got off to a slow start being our first time together and not were not able to put enough points on the score board to make the finals. All in all it was a good learning event for us and will be back even stronger next event in Ecuador.

All the teams in the open class were neck and neck with multiple tied matches, the only team to really stand out was Madbox from Chile, they were playing great team paintball ands stomping everybody. After the prelims Madbox had not allowed any team to score more than one point against them. The final game ended in a tie 1-1 and went into overtime. In the end Madbox was handed their only loss of the event by Mercenarios a veteran team from Brazil. Since that one loss came in the finals the boys from Chile had to settle with second place. Three of the top four teams were sporting 2011 DYE gear and shooting NTs once again showing that if you want to play in the finals you got to be shooting the best equipment. Be sure to check back in and watch the video blog from the event with some sick HD head cam footage. Until next month Mr.U

Buenos Aires
Population: 2,965,403
Climate: Temperate. 40ºC (110ºF) – 0ºC (30ºF)
Language: Spanish -Castilian- (official)
Currency: Peso.
Competitive Paintball teams from Argentina:
Pro- Moonwalkers
Am- LOD, Crashdummies, Warlike, Lions, Oscar, Rippers,
Zorros de Sta, Fusion, Licantropos, Patos

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