Keith Brown of Tampa Bay Damage reviews Huntington Beach

I was getting ready for Huntington Beach, one of the most prestigious paintball events in the world, when I learned that heavy rain delayed my flight almost an hour, from 6:15 to 7:10. I would have thought this would give me an extra 45 mins before I would have to leave my house; little did I know leaving 5 mins earlier would have helped me actually make my flight. I arrived at the airport 40 mins before my flight, causing a small issue, I was not able to check my bag but I could still make the 7:10 flight. That won’t work, as all my gear is in my bag. I had to change my flight to a layover in Atlanta. So of course it would cost me money to change my flight. I started hoping my gear would get there if I take the connecting flight from Atlanta to LA.

Arriving Two hours later than everyone, I found myself hoping everything would be fine, especially if my gear showed up.  My fears were confirmed when I was forced to wait until the next day for my bag to arrive at the airport in LA.

Having practice at Camp Pendleton on Friday was a very interesting as I was playing with all borrowed gear against Aftershock. We only played 3 points as a squad but I still felt very confident about our game plan even with our new pick up, Scott Kemp. My gear would not show up until 7:00pm that day. I was relieved and ready for the 10:00am game against XSV on Saturday.

We would end up dropping our first game in the match to XSV, but being the team that we are, it would not throw us off our game. The next game was a very drawn out point resulting in a stalemate. Knowing we would need to win the next point we broke-out conservative, a plan we would use for the rest of the event. We won that game, and then had to play a 1v1 to settle the tie. Brian Smith shot the XSV player with one shot to the face.

Moving on to our next match against Vendetta, we knew we needed to step it up beating them in 2 straight games. We did.

Coming in to our last match we knew we had to win 2 games in order to make it into the next round. Using the same break out as in the XSV game, we were confident we could win with our gun skills. We took the first point with ease. Keeping things simple, we would use the same game plan again. Unfortunately, our second game was very slow and we lost. We knew how important it would be to win this third game, so we used what worked for us before and played conservative like the other point.  We were up on bodies and things looked good, but we made too many mistakes and penalties that would resulted in X factor taking the win and moving on to the next round.

We were knocked out in the prelims which isn’t normal for us. Every mistake we made could be fixed with hard practice. Keeping our heads up, we will be better prepared for our future events. Overall we had fun, but we are a very competitive team and fun comes with winning!

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