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Earn your Shield

Friday, May 20th, 2011


The chance of a lifetime to join the elite ranks of the most prestigious team in paintball history, Team Ironmen.

The Tactical Ironmen will be handing out shield packages at scenario events and will be handing out at LIVING LEGENDS this weekend. Challenging players to see if they got what it takes to wear the shield. Winners are chosen for their duty to valor and heroism in combat.  If a player earns one of shields for the weekend they will also receive an Ironman patch. Go to the Dye Truck at Living Legends for information.

Become an honorary Tactical Ironmen.



Kevin “SK” Bredthauer at the Sharjah Tournament in the UAE

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Former world champion and head coach of the Ironmen, Kevin “SK” Bredthauer, headed to Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates last weekend for the annual paintball tournament hosted by Sharjah Paintball Park. Kevin was on hand throughout the event to answer any questions that players had. Kevin broke down the field layout for the teams that attended and offered personal coaching for teams during their games.

Dye sponsored, Team Infinite Delusion from Kuwait took full advantage of the opportunity to learn from Kevin and made a steady improvement in their performance throughout the event to land themselves a place in the finals against team Datis from Iran. Datis are an extremely experienced team and the boys from Kuwait did well to hold their own against them in some closely fought points. However, in the end the Iranians experience proved to much for the boys from Kuwait and Datis took the win. Well done to Infinite Delusion for finishing 2nd, they are an up and coming team with a lot of potential, look out for them to be competing in the PALS events throughout the rest of the year.

Off the field, Kevin had the opportunity to experience some of the local culture, getting dressed up in the Dish Dash (local clothing) and also got to sample some of the legendary Dubai nightlife. We had a great time! A big thank you to Sharjah Paintball Park for their hospitality and for putting on a great event.

Ask the Pros with Scott Kemp from Ironmen

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Scott Kemp answers your questions from Facebook, and Twitter

Scott Kemp returns from CSP Quito 2011 and Tells all

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

I just got back from the first CSP 2011 event of the year held in Quito Ecuador. I have been playing the CSP events since last year with a team called Evolution who are from Guayaquil Ecuador. The team is full of a great group of guys. They are all young guys around my age and are just hungry for the sport of paintball. They usually fly Brandon Short and I out for each event but this time Short couldn’t make the first event due to finals week so we filled his spot with Kyle Spicka.

I have traveled all over the world for paintball tournaments but I must say South America is always on my top list for enjoyment. The people are friendly, food is delicious, weather is nice, and the countries are beautiful! This was my first time in Quito but just as always I had to make this a quick trip to get back in time for school. In the time we were there we got to see “the center of the world” which is where the equator runs through, and also got to see some night life!

The event was a great turn out. This had to be one of the best looking venues I’ve seen in South America. Gazzu Hidalgo Villarreal did a fantastic job on setting up this event.

My team Evolution played awesome and we finished out 1st seed in the preliminary round. We were now in the finals and waiting to play the winner of Zurikatas (who had Mr. U and Justin Schwarz playing with them) and Wild Dogs (who had Tony Perez with them). Wild dogs ended up winning that match and now it was time for us to take them on for the gold! The final match played out pretty slow and we won the tournament 1-0 against the Wild Dogs.

Scott Kemp
Team Ironmen

Want more Scott Kemp, check out his website at

The Battle Of Pork Chop Hill

Friday, May 13th, 2011


The Battle Of Pork Chop Hill

Being a professional paintball player I have played on fields all over the world and on all kind of set ups. I have competed in 10 man, 7 man, 5 man, and Xball formats of all kinds, but all of these formats have one thing in common. The fields are FLAT!!!!

Woods ball and Scenario paintball events have one decisive difference than tournament paintball have, you are not just playing against your opponents a lot of times you are playing against the terrain. This only adds to the fun. And the bruises, scrapes, and tissues to wipe away my tears.

The Scenario of the weekend was the Battle of Pork Chop Hill where on March 23, through April 18 1953 the US army defended, lost, counter attack, regained and then finally charged down the hill in a surprise attack to finally clear the field of battle of all the Chinese attackers. The US casualties amounted to 243 KIA 916 wounded and 9 captured; the Chinese suffered an estimated 1,500 dead and 4,000 wounded. The battle centered on the peak of the hill with the high ground changing hands multiple times.

On April 9-10, 2011 800 players and teams from across the East Coast converged on the historic United States Army training academy West Point to re create the battle paintball style. Usually the only way through the gates of this famous institution is with a Senatorial recommendation, or a paid sporting ticket. We were lucky enough to get on the base with just our paintball gear and willingness to climb the biggest baddest hill I have ever encountered. Our goal as outnumbered Blue Team, (the Americans), commanded by General Eric Engler the first day was to climb the hill and take the Red teams Base (The Chinese) led by Douglas Decker.

The Battles were intense but most of the time the fighting was from long range so the key to getting the eliminations as stealth. You needed great camo and a long-range straight shooting marker. Good thing I had the best of both worlds with my DYE cam and my 2011 NT. Don’t take my word for it watch some of the head cam action or ask a couple of the red team members. I have to give credit to both teams, battling up and down that hill for two days was exhausting, just staying on the field was a war itself. By the end of the first day the Red team had the lead, and even though the Blue team pushed and pushed down the hill the second day we were not able to overcome the red teams lead. The West Point Cadets did an amazing job reffing the event, there was not one firefight that went on without a cadet sprinting up and down the Hill to check all of the players. Hard work like that shows why they are in the best military school in the world. PMI supplied excellent paint. As always seen at scenario events teams camped out and enjoyed stories of the day’s battlers over burgers and beers on the West point campgrounds. I can’t wait until the fall classic this time I will focus a little more on the stair climber at the firehouse to get ready for the big “H”.

Make sure you check out some head cam shots for some creepy crawly sniping action.

See everyone next time with my recap from Supergame 41!!!

Pete “Mr.U” Utschig

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