SuperGame41 with Pete “Mr.U” Utschig

NT vs Tank

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SuperGame 41 was the second stop on my tactical tour 2011 and boy is I lucky that I even made it back in one piece. There were 600 players on the red team that made sure I would have to fight for every inch of my way back to NYC from Oregon. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got to Super Game. I had only heard great things about the battles that were about to take place, and by the time the final horn blew on Sunday I found out why. Dan Bonebrake and the guys at Sniperz Den paintball put on an amazing show, between the Thomas Taylor clinics on Friday, the tactical night games, and the two days of insane battling, Super Game lived up to its name. Throughout the weekend 1200 players did battle in the Pacific North West. The fields had everything you could want in a weekend of paintball, there was a speedball DMZ zone that had an assortment of hyperball bunkers and big forts that gave way to point blank hand-to-hand battles.

The woods had everything you could want, from monster trees, to thick brush, and even a small river that you had to cross to back door the other team’s base. To be a good tactical player you have to be able to play all terrains. One run you go out as a sniper and the next one you can lead a charge breaking the enemies defense up close and personal. Tanks roamed the cleared paths and did their best to clear out any of the enemies along the way (but watch the video, they got their share of welts too). Each year the Super Game grows and I can’t wait to do battle with everybody next year. Not only is the Super Game a great three days of paintball it also donates part of their profits to the Liberty House, a child abuse assessment center in Salem Oregon. Check out my head cam videos for all the intense footage….. Next stop living legends.

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