Scott Kemp returns from CSP Quito 2011 and Tells all

I just got back from the first CSP 2011 event of the year held in Quito Ecuador. I have been playing the CSP events since last year with a team called Evolution who are from Guayaquil Ecuador. The team is full of a great group of guys. They are all young guys around my age and are just hungry for the sport of paintball. They usually fly Brandon Short and I out for each event but this time Short couldn’t make the first event due to finals week so we filled his spot with Kyle Spicka.

I have traveled all over the world for paintball tournaments but I must say South America is always on my top list for enjoyment. The people are friendly, food is delicious, weather is nice, and the countries are beautiful! This was my first time in Quito but just as always I had to make this a quick trip to get back in time for school. In the time we were there we got to see “the center of the world” which is where the equator runs through, and also got to see some night life!

The event was a great turn out. This had to be one of the best looking venues I’ve seen in South America. Gazzu Hidalgo Villarreal did a fantastic job on setting up this event.

My team Evolution played awesome and we finished out 1st seed in the preliminary round. We were now in the finals and waiting to play the winner of Zurikatas (who had Mr. U and Justin Schwarz playing with them) and Wild Dogs (who had Tony Perez with them). Wild dogs ended up winning that match and now it was time for us to take them on for the gold! The final match played out pretty slow and we won the tournament 1-0 against the Wild Dogs.

Scott Kemp
Team Ironmen

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