Scott Kemp takes 1st place CSP win with Team Evolution from Ecuador!

This event was held in Lima Peru, a place I have never been to before but I must say it’s living up to all its standards. Peru is known for having the best food in the world and now that I’ve tried tons of it I must say its not a myth. The South American culture is so awesome! Everyone is so friendly as if they are your family, and there are so many fascinating, beautiful sites to see. Well, enough of my favorite countries, the tournament was another great factor!

There were about 35-40 teams total and the venue was set up on a Peruvian military base. The field layout was an old layout from MAO a year ago so we knew the field already pretty well. They had an awesome grand stand area for the spectators to view from as well. Juan Daniel Nebel, the captain and owner of Evolution flew Brandon Short and I out to play the CSP events with the team. Evolution has a pro team and a kids team that compete in all the events.

I have watched both teams really advance their talents in the last year. They are all fully Dye sponsored so you know they always have the top of the line gear! This event it looked like a few non Dye teams were having some paint issues breaking in their guns. The weather was cold in the mornings so this could always play a factor. Thank god we all have NT’s and never had to worry about that issue. Our guns were on point this event! I don’t think we played a single point where we didn’t shoot a guy off the break.

Winning is always fun, and I’m glad we have a 3 win streak with Team Evolution in the CSP League. We will be playing 2 more events this year and hope to keep the winning streak going!
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-Scott Kemp

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