Grammaton Clerics review the 4th leg of MPOC 2011

For the 4th Leg of MPOC 2011 (11th & 12th June 2011) the organizers brought it back to where it all started. Xtion Paintball in Bukit Jalil has seen many epic battles for the past 10 years. The toughest it has ever seen was WCA2009 which after that the management decided the old lady needed a rest from big events. With upgraded facilities and primed fields Xtion Cup was a cause for celebration. The grass was green, the grandstands were shiny and the weather was just perfect for paintball.

Grammaton knew that to clinch gold this leg would mean the overall championship with one round to spare.¬†Preparations¬†were not as we would have liked but one thing we learned was to adapt. It was no secret that all teams in Division 3 wanted to beat us. We knew it won’t be easy to defend the gold streak and it was certainly tough as we found out on tournament day.

Again prelims were split on Saturday and Sunday. Good for everyone as that would mean ample rest and more paintball for everyone (watching or playing didn’t really matter). D1 saw tough competition with Ronin and Nemesis Legion battling in the finals. Ronin did badly in the previous leg so we guessed they were determined to not screw up their chances. For us it was paintball as usual, trying to complete prelims in the best position possible.

Game plan aside, we basically played one game with very minor alterations as we went. There were tough games in prelims with our traditional 1st game screw-up paved our way building better momentum. We top D3 prelims with a surprisingly high ED.

Teams like Underwarranty, Lost Boys, KSK Flash and CMX Hamoon tried very hard to stop us. They almost did… it was not comfortable wins during the Q8 and the Semis. In the Finals we battled CMX Hamoon who locked our zones very well but our forwards fought to find the holes and plugged them, our back line mopped up the rest. CMX Hamoon gave a very sportsmanlike gesture by handing the flag to us to call the gold home and also MPOC 2011 D3 Overall Champions!!!

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  1. cm.ekan Says:

    June 27th, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    Congrats to the team for the determination to be Champion. Thanks to DYE for the greatest gears & equipments!!

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