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Tactical Ironmen will be at D-Day 2011

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

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Battlefield Putrajaya May 28-29 2011 in Putrajaya, Malaysia

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

This event was a historic event for Malaysia and their Big Game future. With 550 players it was the largest big game on record in Asia to date. Also having the event at the location in Putrajaya was a feat in itself. They were given permission from the government to use the land but not only that they allowed for an open plot of land in the government capital city to be dug up and actually turned into a battlefield.

The field itself took 2 weeks to construct, which was not an easy task. From building bunkers, trenches, netting and headquarters for all 4 teams. The sad part was that after the event was over the same crew who spent weeks setting it up had to cover all the trenches and return the plot of land to the same way it was before construction began.

The games started out with 4 different armies; the Green Army lead by David Guch , Pink and Blue army lead by Fairuz (Sub) Tiberius and Omar Mazlan Harun, Red Army lead by Roslim Abu and last but not least the Yellow Army lead by CJ Ong. With 4 teams all fighting again each other it made for some interesting battles and a lot of war stories to be told between the three 2 hour game sessions. The objectives were simple, shoot as many players of the other team as possible and control as many of the flag stations as possible. Each session was well fought by all sides.

When the event was over the mighty David Guch and his Green Army were success in taking control of the field and holding more bases than any other team. Every person that walked away form this event had a smile on his or her face and you could see that as things came to an end everyone was a bit sad. It was such a great event that no one wanted it to end. I look forward to the next Big Game in Malaysia and also happy to see a continued growth and love for the sport of paintball of all types.

- Devon Stutz

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