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Singapore’s Red Sevens capture the MPOC’s Division 2 Overall Title

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Red Sevens (Singapore) has done Singapore proud once again by winning the final leg of the Malaysia Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) 2011 Division 2 title. The Red Sevens paintball team has been instrumental in the promotion and development of paintball in Singapore since 2007 and a staunch supporter of paintball events in Asia. By winning the title in the final leg of the MPOC, the Red Sevens has also clinched the MPOC Division 2 Overall Series Champion making a historical feat as the first international team to win a series title in Malaysia. “On behalf of the team, I would like to thank our main sponsor Dye Precision Asia for supporting the team since our early formation. As part of the Dye Precision family, we are proud to represent Dye Precision in all paintball tournaments in the Asia region. The Red Sevens would not be as successful if not for the wonderful paintball gear that Dye has produced.” exclaimed Arthur Chan, Captain of the Red Sevens (Singapore).


The Red Sevens (Singapore) is Singapore’s first tournament paintball team which was formed in 2007. Paintball in Singapore would not be what it is today without the commitment and dedication that the Red Sevens has put into the development and promotion of Singapore paintball. Since formation, the Red Sevens has played in countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and India. They became the first Singapore team to win the Paintball Asia League Series (PALS) Division 2 title during the Thailand Paintball International Championship 2010 held in Pattaya, Thailand. In 2008 and 2009, the team represented Singapore in the Asia NPPL Invitational Championship held in Malaysia and World Games 2009 held Kao Hsiung, Taiwan respectively. Members of the Red Sevens also found the Paintball Association (Singapore) in 2007 and Singapore’s premier paintball league, the Singapore Paintball Series which has now more than 400 players and up to 30 paintball teams in its database.


Congratulations to Team Unkn?wn for winning the 2nd leg of the UWL Malaysia

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Team Unkn?wn has won the 2nd leg of the UWL Malaysia on July 16th in Gohtong Jaya.

The Ultimate Woods League Malaysia (UWLM), is the first official scenario-based tournament in Asia sanctioned by Asia Scenario Paintball League (ASPL). The UWLM was formed with the ultimate objective to bring together all paintball establishments and players, to create an avenue for tournament-based scenario paintball in this fast developing sport. Malaysia is the first country in Asia to initiate this prestigious league. They are offering 10 man teams and players the opportunity to play paintball in its truest form, scenario mode in the woods. Team Unkn?wn also won the first leg of the UWL Malaysia.


Skirmish 2011 in the books, a very big book.

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

So there is another one in the books for Skirmish. With a paid & registered count of 4,100 players this was one of the largest games ever to be played and all the players had an awesome time at the three day event. DYE had a booth set up to display our new DYE Tactical gear as well as to run an NT Experience. As expected both were very well received. The tactical line is becoming more and more popular with scenario players as they see the fresh new designs as well as more importantly the quality and functionality that is behind it. Players definitely appreciated the ground up design DYE has put forth for the scenario market. And for those that took part in the NT experience, well they REALLY had a blast.

Anytime you can take a Proto Reflex, DM11, or NT11 out for no charge and use it for an hour in a game that has that many players, well you are bound to do two things. Have fun, and shoot A LOT of people. EVERYONE that came back had a giant smile on their face and stories to tell on how great the marker was and how many people they shot out with it. There is no denying stepping up to a DYE marker will give you more firepower and a lot more accuracy and both are important when dealing with that many people. It is a target rich environment and the NT experience participants took advantage of it! People definitely saw the advantage of having a smaller, lighter and more accurate marker when you are out playing paintball for that long running missions. If you are a big game / scenario player keep an eye out for the dye booth at future events as we will continue to offer this program to you. It is an AWESOME way to take a DYE marker out for a spin with no strings attached so you can see how great they really shoot.

Of course it wouldn’t have been such a great event without Pete Utschig (Mr.U) and Rocky Cagnoni on hand. Mr.U braved four and a half plus hours of the NYC traffic Saturday morning to make it out for the beginning of ION and man did he have fun! He came back with a few welts, but he gave out a lot more than he received. After tuning up a few customers markers Rocky went out and played a few games too. With those two on the field they did some serious damage! More than anything though they had a lot of fun, and made some new friends running missions.

If you didn’t get a chance to see or play with Rocky or Pete at the event keep an eye out because they along with other members of the Tactical Ironmen crew will be attending more big games around the country representing the Dye Tactical line and showing off their gun battling skills and tactics. All and all we had an awesome time at the event and look forward to ION next year and other future scenario games around the country so we can bring more innovative products to the great customers in our paintball community.

DYE Authorised Dealers: Sweden

Friday, July 22nd, 2011


Croydon, United Kingdom (July 19, 2011)

Due to a number of enquiries over the past few weeks, Dye Precision Ltd. would like to confirm the list of Authorised Dye Retailers in Sweden.

Below is a list of Authorised Dye retailers and their contact details:

Hypersports Sweden AB

Wizeguy Paintball AB

Mash Paintball Arena

Sissos Paintball

Dye Precision Ltd. would also like to state that Stratec Paintball is not an Authorised Dye Retailer.

We would advise customers to seek out legitimate, Dye Retailers.

DYE Precision Ltd
DYE House
7/8 Commerce Way,
Croydon CRO 4XA
Tel: +44 (0)208 649 6330
Fax” +44 (0)208 649 6339

Jason Wheeler #19 of London Nexus clinic in Belgium

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

It started with a late night Eurostar trip from London to Brussels, I sat on the train going through last preparations and details of the things I’d cover in the clinic. Two and a half hours later my train was pulling up to the station in Brussels central, I was picked up from the station by my friend, Jonathan Edwards, and we headed straight to one of the bars in Brussels. On the way I did my typical tourist thing of taking pictures of anything and everything I came across, although I have to admit, Brussels architecture is incredible. Once I arrived at ‘Delirium’ – a bar in Brussels that stocks 2,000 different types of beer! – I had to try their most popular brand before getting some sleep as we had an early start the next day.

I woke up early and headed to the site to get the layout of the field ready for what I wanted to cover that day. Myself, Andrew and Jonathan all headed to the site which was around 40mins drive. The paintball site itself was probably one of the most unusual setups but the grass and layout were awesome, it was on a field that was owned by bikers, with tattoos all over and leather jackets. They use the land to have biker meet ups and the caretaker of the area lived in a mobile home 24/7 on site but they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met! Never judge a book by its cover as they say!

We started the morning with the warm up to get the guys ready for some drills. Andrew and Jonathan were on hand to translate as some of the guys knew little English. We worked through different stages, firstly on gun skills, positioning and general techniques that can make a huge difference, building each new aspect into a game style situation. Some of the drills proved harder than others, especially the ’35 squat drill’ which was difficult for some players, but entertaining for all!

On Saturday night I was able to get out and see more of Brussels. After a brief stop at the trendy appartment of site owner and clinic organiser Alex Nerac, we headed into town and back to Delirium and met up with Andrew, Jonathan and their friends. Delirium’s Mojitos are one of the biggest and best that money can buy, so Alex ordered one for us to share. It came out with 10 straws and was enough for 4 of us! It was great to see more of Brussels and hang out with some awesome people but as we still had another days paintball left, we resisted the temptation to party until sunrise and I headed back for bed.

Another early morning start and at the site ready for another good day. I began the second day of the clinic focusing more on team work drills after Saturday’s individual skill work. We had different mini game scenarios such as race to the 50 within a set amount of time to increase team work as well as communication drills which also encouraged the students to use the gun skills they learned in the first day. We did different variations of those drills right up until lunch. Then we used the last part of the day to go through specialist roles such as playing the snake.

I’d just like to thank Alex Nerc and Belgian Speed Ball League for setting up the clinic and being a great host, Andrew Battersby and Jonathan Edwards for being great friends and helping translate the whole weekend, team Monstarz (good luck for the season!) and the rest of the guys at the clinic. Everyone had a great weekend!

Jason Wheeler #19
London Nexus
Belgian Speedball League –

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