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New England Hurricanes take first at PSP Chicago for D1

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

After a long week in Chicago, and many hard fought matches, New England Hurricanes took home the first place gold! With 3 matches ending in Overtime and 1 in Double OT (including an 18 minute point in Double OT), this was one of the hardest wins I have ever been a part of. The Division 1 teams are no joke.

The final match for 1st place started easily enough, with New England Hurricanes picking up two fast points. Then the Jesters came back to win 1 long point and then another to tie up the game. The game went to OT and we were forced to play 4 on 5 due to a penalty. We lost Keith off the break bringing it to a 5 on 3, but Gibby, Thomas and Jeff kept their focus and grinded it out. Gibby traded with a guy making it 4 on 2. Thomas put an amazing shot on their snake guy and also took about their X player, bringing it to 2 on 2. I didn’t know at the time their 50 Dorito player’s gun was down, but I went down the snake an took out the last two players. After hanging the flag I had the best feeling inside. But then seeing the look on my teammates faces was by far the best feeling.

This is only step one in our many goals!

Our guns shot amazingly – when you are out playing in the rain and the mud, and grinding through 7 and 10 and 18 minute points you need gear that is going to stand up to the elements and be good on air. And when you have to fight through so many OT matches, you can’t give up an inch, so you need something with shot-on-shot performance, and the DYE NTs and DMs gave us exactly that.

Special thanks to DYE and Understood for all their support and to the Ironmen, LIFT and 187 Crew for all their help in the pits and on the sidelines.

Billy Bernacchia
New England Hurricanes

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