PALS Philippines 2011 by STK

We had a great time last year at the PALS event in the Philippines, so we were really excited to be back. The event is excellent, and even better this time round with a few extras like getting flower necklaces and being rushed through customs/immigration as VIP’s upon our arrival by the Philippines minister of tourism.


We went with just 5 players as money and time off from work was a problem with the event pretty soon after Thailand.

Everything kind of went our way… the weather cooled off so we could play point after point without dying in the heat. And the event organizer helped us at every opportunity, even lending us pit crew…!

We finished 2nd in the preliminaries with 4 wins and 2 draws. This sent us into the semifinals against Persian Legend. We were able to get 3 – 0 on them. The next point they got 2 g’s on the break, so the remaining 3 of us played to burn the clock, leaving only 1 minute on game time as the score went to 3 – 1. They didn’t have enough time to come back so we proceeded on to play the finals for 1st and 2nd against our friends Datis.



After two fairly long points the game sat at 1 – 1. We played a third drawn out point. It whittled down to a 3 on 2 in our favor. The game clock went to 30 seconds remaining, I creeped up the doritos and shot their dorito player, Luke then ran across the field and bunkered their corner guy and Stiffla sprinted in to the buzzer with 5 seconds left on the clock. And that was it, we won.

Our Dye gear was on point! And we’d like to thank Mary Ann for all her help. And all the teams and friends that helped us in the pits and sidelines, especially our friends on team Epic!

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  1. DBaum Says:

    July 25th, 2011 at 2:26 am

    photos were taken by Don Baum from Look Left Pictures

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