Skirmish 2011 in the books, a very big book.

So there is another one in the books for Skirmish. With a paid & registered count of 4,100 players this was one of the largest games ever to be played and all the players had an awesome time at the three day event. DYE had a booth set up to display our new DYE Tactical gear as well as to run an NT Experience. As expected both were very well received. The tactical line is becoming more and more popular with scenario players as they see the fresh new designs as well as more importantly the quality and functionality that is behind it. Players definitely appreciated the ground up design DYE has put forth for the scenario market. And for those that took part in the NT experience, well they REALLY had a blast.

Anytime you can take a Proto Reflex, DM11, or NT11 out for no charge and use it for an hour in a game that has that many players, well you are bound to do two things. Have fun, and shoot A LOT of people. EVERYONE that came back had a giant smile on their face and stories to tell on how great the marker was and how many people they shot out with it. There is no denying stepping up to a DYE marker will give you more firepower and a lot more accuracy and both are important when dealing with that many people. It is a target rich environment and the NT experience participants took advantage of it! People definitely saw the advantage of having a smaller, lighter and more accurate marker when you are out playing paintball for that long running missions. If you are a big game / scenario player keep an eye out for the dye booth at future events as we will continue to offer this program to you. It is an AWESOME way to take a DYE marker out for a spin with no strings attached so you can see how great they really shoot.

Of course it wouldn’t have been such a great event without Pete Utschig (Mr.U) and Rocky Cagnoni on hand. Mr.U braved four and a half plus hours of the NYC traffic Saturday morning to make it out for the beginning of ION and man did he have fun! He came back with a few welts, but he gave out a lot more than he received. After tuning up a few customers markers Rocky went out and played a few games too. With those two on the field they did some serious damage! More than anything though they had a lot of fun, and made some new friends running missions.

If you didn’t get a chance to see or play with Rocky or Pete at the event keep an eye out because they along with other members of the Tactical Ironmen crew will be attending more big games around the country representing the Dye Tactical line and showing off their gun battling skills and tactics. All and all we had an awesome time at the event and look forward to ION next year and other future scenario games around the country so we can bring more innovative products to the great customers in our paintball community.

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