Tactical Ironmen at Oklahoma D-Day 2011

The Tactical Ironmen assisted in the First Allied Victory in 3 years at the 2011 D-Day Oklahoma

It was days of hard fought battles through several different terrains testing our skills and endurance, but in the end the Tactical Ironmen took on the toughest missions and were victorious!

Assisting in the first Allied victory in 3 years, our NT markers, Rotors & other tactical equipment performed flawlessly. Special thanks go’s out to Jason White the Allied force commander and everyone else that held the church with us Saturday morning including Mike Peverill, Darryl and Dawson Trent, Maverick, members of Wetworkz , Common Wealth Forces and anyone else that stood shoulder to shoulder with us through the German on slot. A huge thanks go’s out to all of the staff and ref’s at D-Day Adventure Park, plus all the other players attending the game.

Keep rolling those triggers and watch over your battle buddies


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