Team Hurricanes has added Alfred De los Santos to the team roster.

NEH Picks up Alfred De Los Santos
The Hurricanes have added Alfred De Los Santos, formerly of L.I.F.T and of Indianapolis Mutiny in the NPPL, to our roster.

Alfred De Los Santos:
For the past few years, LIFT has been a second family to me. Not many teams have as much heart as those guys do and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of the Long Island Fight Team and I will forever be grateful.

However, sometimes we need to seek out new challenges in order to grow. I’ve practiced against the Hurricanes for a few years and seen the way their team works and, after a lot of thought, decided that I will develop more as a player in that type of environment.

I’m excited to be a part of the Hurricanes now and still represent Dye and Understood on the field, hopefully I can play my part in the teams goals and add to its success.

Jeff Stein:
Way back in 2002 Lane Wright, then a player on GZ, said to me, “the team with more players capable of single handedly winning a game is most often the team that wins the game”. So, when the opportunity came to pick up Alfred, who I see as a player capable of single handedly winning a game, we took advantage of it. Now we have just a few short weeks to get him working well with the team so we can try to repeat in NJ.

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