Dog Soldiers return from Call to Duty III

The sun beat down and the engines roared as the attack boats sped towards the island in the Adriatic.  The assault teams were primed and as they rounded the headland were confronted by the smoke and haze of the beach they were to assault……….This may sound like a movie but this was Guerrilla Paintballs Call to Duty III event – taking place on the island of MrCara deep in the Adriatic sea.

81 players from around the world (US, Australia, Canada, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Croatia, UK and more) came together for the four day event.  The mountain fortress on the island included helicopter landing zones, machine gun positions on the cliffs, tunnel complexes 5 stories deep, pillboxes, murder holes and submarine pens to name a few…….

The Dog Soldiers joined their CEF comrades and many more as they took part in beach landings, mountain assaults and tunnel clearance operations across the weekend. The terrain was tough, the temperatures crossed 40 degrees, the missions were arduous.  The drop out rates were in excess of 70% of players from the heat and the physicality of the assaults.

The Dog Soldiers fought as part of the Spetsnaz.  The weekend was punishing, however, we were always at the spear tip of the advance and the heart of the defence alongside our squad mates from the Madball Legionnares and our Belgian comrades. Despite the intensity of the event all of the team fought through with no one leaving the field and “Shorty” even managed to win one of the coveted best player awards.

It was the most ambitious paintball event in scenario history – a deserted island had infrastructure, food and water shipped in to support an event for four days in the heat of the Mediterranean summer – 81 players were shipped in and 81 players shipped out.  Guerrilla hit the nail on the head and the event was simply stunning.

For those who attended, this was an epic event. For those who couldn’t – you weren’t there man! If you want to play survival paintball at its toughest, keep your eyes peeled for Guerrilla Paintballs Call to Duty IV event to be announced soon.

Dog Soldiers Out!

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