Ironmen take 3rd in the Pro Division at PSP New Jersey Open

This report just in from Scott Kemp of the Ironmen.

I just got back form the 2011 PSP New Jersey Open. This was the 3rd event for the PSP this year and yet another tough one. This league has the best teams with the best players from all around the world competing in it. It takes a solid team of depth, talent, experience, and hunger to win in the pro division. Room for error is minimal to none. Most the teams in the pro division have never even won an event.

As for my team, Los Angeles Ironmen, we have won a hand full in the PSP pro division, but our last win has been about 2 years ago. The team has been somewhat rebuilt with new young talent stepping up to the plate. We have lost several experienced veterans and replaced them with young hungry kids who are excelling fast! Kyle Spicka, Eric Humphreys, and Chris Catt are 3 of our newest pickups from last year that are young and dyeing to taste a victory. Every event these kids go to they are playing better and better and it’s only a matter of time until the Ironmen are unstoppable again.

This event we ended up in 3rd place and we are currently sitting in 4th for the series. The next event is the last and biggest one of them all, world cup! I believe we have a great shot of winning this event. The mix of young and old talent on my team is perfect. The only thing that can stop us from victory is ourselves.

-Scott Kemp






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