Mr.U Wins at Hells Survivors Monster Game

2011 Hells Survivors Monster Game

I was 15, sitting in my living room of my families house watching ESPN, the year was 1994 and the program was paintball.  Bob Long was leading Dave Youngblood, Shane Pestana and the rest of the Ironmen to another victory in the jungle fields of Orlando. I can see it like it was yesterday, it was the first time I saw paintball televised it was also the day I decided that someday I too would have the honor of wearing the shield and be a pro player. I wanted to be like Bob Long, and even though Bob parted ways with the Ironmen I knew someday I would be able to take the field with him.

The Hells Survivors Monster game has been played for almost 20 years and has a great reputation as a big stop in the scenario paintball tour. I jumped at the chance to General one of the teams at this years game especially when I found out the opposing general was one of my paintball idols Bob Long.

The Monster game lived up to and exceeded its reputation.  1200 players turned out to do battle not only with their opponents but also the heat. I have to say this was the most fair played, well-run scenario event that I have attended. Safety was paramount at Hells Survivors and the organizer Dave Massey made sure that he had plenty of staff to see too all the rules of the game were complied with. The field had a good combination of thick brush, open woods, and choke points at the rivers and streams. The field also had forts and cities for those of us players that like to bring the game up close and personal.

It was a close battle all weekend but the red team (my team) seemed to constantly have the upper hand. This was due to their use of the tanks, helicopters and mercs. I would like to say it was due to the general, which it was, just not me. Each team had two generals one celebrity and one who actually knew what he was doing. My partner general Narf was an old crafty veteran of scenario games and always seemed to be 2 steps ahead of the yellow team.

A speedball tournament was held during lunch for those players who wanted to practice the PSP layout or just try their hand at air ball. There were prizes for 1st and 2nd, and I’m happy to say I was able to finally take the field with Bob (this time on his team) and bring home the gold!

There was also free prize drawings and give aways during lunch. With prizes ranging from markers and air systems to soft goods.

When all the points were tallied at the end of the two days Red was ahead bringing me my first scenario victory. I now have a .500 average.  I got to meet a bunch of new friends as always and play with and against one of the all time paintball greats Bob Long.

The Michigan Monster game is a must play on the scenario scene, and I hope to see everyone there next year. Here is a short clip from Next stop PSI for the risk it all game!


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