August 21st Nexus’s Back to Basics Clinic

On the morning of the 21st August the London Nexus ‘Back to Basics’ clinic was held down at our local field; Bricketwood Paintball Centre. We had around 20 people sign up which was a good number allowing us to all have a good chance of working with people on a regular basis throughout the day.

We started off introducing ourselves and breaking the ice a little so everyone felt comfortable and made it easier for the newer guys to approach us with questions as and when they had them. We started the morning off with a light jog around the field a few times to get peoples blood pumping, to our surprise someone said ‘Is that it, thats easy’ so we proved him wrong by setting up shuttle run.. After running a few shuttles at full speed, one of the clinic participants confessed he had asthma, and was having an asthma attack! Unfortunately he had to sit out for the rest of the day. We continued to stretch and get ready for the first set of drills.

We started of with the now legendary ‘Pole Drill’, it consists of a two inch wide pole at one end of the field, and all the guys form a line and take it in turns to one ball the pole from a breakout position. This is designed to improve peoples first ball accuracy. It took a while to finish but once people get their technique and eye for the target people started to hit it quiet consistently, the twist to this drill is that every single time you miss it you had to do either 5 lunges or 5 squats!

We then moved onto our next set of snap shooting drills; we got a small M bunker and a dorito and had two targets either side of the dorito representing a opposing player. We went through various drills to refine technique and accuracy, finishing off in a mini competition of who could shoot all the targets in the fewest snap shots. There were some sore legs and high amount of snaps being made in this drill but once people got the hang of it the accuracy, technique and general ability to hit the targets increased dramatically.

We finished up this drill with a bit of fun for us and for the guys at the clinic, by having a ‘snap-off’ against the Nexus players. Each person would face off against a Nexus player and see who took fewer snap shots to hit the target. People seemed to really enjoy this, especially when people at the clinic kept beating George! There was some cheers of excitement but it was all in good fun.

After the morning was over people where already feeling their legs ache but we were nowhere near finished so we got some paint and air and headed back onto the field. We set up a laning drill, first shooting at one target, then for shooting two targets, simulating a corner runner and an insert player. Again the penalty for completely missing the target was 5 squats or 5 lunges, its safe to say that people got better quickly! We then moved onto doing running & shooting drills, shooting back at the back centre whilst running to the corner, or an insert spot. Technique is the most important thing whilst running and shooting so we made sure the emphasis was getting people to hold their guns correctly and have the right body position to give them the best chances of success.

Going into the afternoon we then decided to split the clinic up into groups to focus on snake and dorito play. I took the snake group with George and Jay, while Ash, Shaun led the dorito side. We started off the snake group with creating real in game scenario drills, technique on moving up the snake and being in the best mind set while your doing it. The dorito group did a mix of gun-fighting, running and shooting and quick bumps giving them a good idea on how to take ground fast which people seemed to be improve on bit by bit.

The day was now drawing close to a end so we decided to introduce the clinic to the ‘Jousting drill’, this drill is funny, hard, tiring, and painful but it had to be shown to the guys. Its kind of like a shuttle run, whilst shooting each other. We split the clinic into two groups, one group stands at each end of the field, with the aim of the game being run and shoot at each other from the start gate to the corner and back, the next guy cant go until you get back to the start gate so if you reach the start gate before the other team, you get free reign on your opponent until they can start. Once the tired legs kicked in, some people were getting shot….. a lot.

All in all it was great fun and I think everyone can say they had taken something home, be it better break shooting, increased accuracy, field awareness, technique or a massive welt, everyones a winner!

We would just like to thank all the participants and especially Yorkie from Bricket Wood Paintball Centre for being a great host.

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