Nexus’s Marseille Practice

George Bruton recalls Nexus’ trip to Marseille

This was our first training as a team on the Paris field, we flew out to Marseille to train against TonTons. After an early flight out we arrived at the field at about 11am. We started to do some break-out drills, but Neil was kicking off because the paint wasn’t good and he couldn’t shoot anything. The TonTons gave us some better paint and Neil was happy again.

It was a good day training with TonTons, doing break-outs, points going back and forth, and both teams learning more about the field every point.

Every one was sweating buckets by the time we got to 2pm, it was hot out there! The turf at the TonTons field is very hard, I was trying really hard not to get astro burn – that s**t hurts.

After practice on Saturday, we headed over to Tav’s house for a huge BBQ dinner which was great. Since everyone had been up since about 4am we all went to bed early. I didn’t really get that much sleep on Saturday night because Shaun wouldn’t shut up about Creamfields, the music festival he went to last week.

And then because of Shaun we were late to breakfast as well. I did the smart thing and took two croissants for the day because on Saturday I was starving and I think everyone else was as well.

We got picked up and we went to the field at 10am, we played points non-stop all day till 4:00pm with Vision and TonTons. The guys made me some side burns and a goatee with permanent marker. I looked mint! Swear down! It was a good day and we had learnt a lot from Saturday. It was a funny day too, watching Neil get caught in a fishing net, Shaun running like a horse and Jay running like he has a pole up his arse.

After we finished we got a hotel room so we could go back and shower before heading home. I did the smart thing and went last so no one could mess with me. Once we were all washed up, we went to a restaurant in the town centre, the food was mint!

We got to the airport and found out that our flight has been delayed by an hour and a half. Jay and Jason bummed off together to go watch ‘hobo with a shotgun’, while I threw M&Ms at them across the airport. When they finally let us through security, Jay got his bag searched. It turns out he still had his multi-tool in his backpack. So then we walked up to the waiting area where Neil was on the look out for girls. I don’t no why, as no one would look twice at him…init.

We finally got on the plane after a long wait, as soon as I got on there I was a goner. I went to sleep. We made it back to London about 2am.

Thanks to TonTons for a good weekends practice and for being good hosts. Next stop is the CPPS where we need to win and move closer to winning the whole series.

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