Reaper Clinic in Nambia


On Friday, 16th September, Georgie Hunter and Chris Birch from team Reaper, departed for Namibia to do a paintball clinic. Namibia is in Southern Africa and has a growing paintball scene of young, passionate players. Without an organized tournament series in Namibia, the local teams have resorted to traveling to neighboring South Africa to play the GPPL series and learn from more experienced teams. Those players who can’t afford to travel unfortunately lose out of this experience so team Reaper decided to partner with Action Paintball in Namibia and take their paintball clinic to the players. Chris Birch gave us a report from the weekend.


We arrived in Namibia and Werner Wormsbaecher, the owner of Action Paintball who coordinated the whole trip, greeted us and Friday night we had an amazing dinner with some of the players who would be attending the clinic.


Saturday, 17th September we got to the field bright and early and helped out with setting up the field and equipment for a great day of paintball as the players started arriving, all very eager to begin. Once all the players arrived we started the Reaper clinic as scheduled, Georgie lead everyone through some fitness and stretching for paintball. It was a beautiful day for paintball but the African heat meant that we needed a lot of water breaks and made sure the players stayed well hydrated throughout the day. We kept to our schedule for the clinic from warm up and one on one’s to intense drills. We ended the day with a muscle warm down for all the players who trained hard in the heat! Everyone seemed to have a great time and learnt a lot from the training.Sunday, 18th September we had a one on one tournament planned. It was another beautiful sunny day in Namibia, we gathered the players and organized the tournament. The fun one on one games gave players a chance to practice the guns skills they had learned the day before and gave us a chance to watch the players and give them individual coaching after each point. Werner Wormsbaecher ended up taking first place in the finals against Edward Jordan. As the day came to an end we got some great feedback from the weekend of paintball and everyone really enjoyed the experience of the Reaper clinic. Looking forward to another trip to Namibia soon!


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